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Yalp Toro court

The classic goal in new design

Durable robust construction – vandal-resistant equipment

Great way for tactical and physical training – fun and health always in focus

Social constructive for larger and smaller groups – alone or in teams

100% Dutch design – invented, constructed, assembled in the Netherlands

Interactive goals can be fit in any muga or sports arenas

Fun at any age – girls, boys, teens and adults!

Interested in our Toro court?

Yalp Toro product features

Olympic vision

Olympic vision

  • Challenging
  • Football or field hockey
  • High exercise intensity
  • Intensive training

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Interactive arena

Interactive arena

  • Landscape design
  • Custom flooring
  • Custom games
  • Different colours

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  • Teamplayer
  • Highscore games
  • Training games
  • Multiple sports

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Olympic vision

The combination of technology and outdoor play is a relatively unknown concept in the market, let alone the combination of technology and outdoor sports. The Toro is a multipurpose play court designed with Dutch Olympic ladies’ field hockey coach and author of the book ‘Winners have a plan, losers have an excuse’ Marc Lammers.

The Toro court is a very unique addition to a public park, schoolyard or sports area. By combining progressive sports design with modern technology, it offers a unique sport experience to all users. Due to the design, the Toro is suited for fun play activities for children as well as a positive hangout teenagers and opportunities for advanced athletic skills training.

Challenge athletes and players

We wanted to challenge athletes and players in a way that is fun in addition to intensive training. By using interactive goals, we created a environment that changes training sessions dynamically. It is scientifically proven that the Yalp Toro games are even more intensive than regular sports such as, basketball and field hockey (in MET measurements from 6.9 to 8.3). All test results are available and can be viewed on request.

Players and athletes learn to adapt quickly to new circumstances – and have a lot of fun at different games. Would you like to learn more about our interactive Toro court? Contact us. Our team will be happy to advise you.

Interactive arena

The core of the Yalp Toro court are the interactive goals. Each goal has sensors that register impact and actively respond by LED lights and sound. A set of four goals can be installed in any sports arena and on every sports field. Create an interactive arena and a unique and very intense experience. Add a new highlight to your sports field, sports arena or multi-purpose sports hall!

Tailored to your needs

The Yalp Toro court can be tailored to suit your needs. Choose matching colours and customize the design of the floor. This creates a unique Toro playing field with personality.

Get creative and design new games that fit your requirements. Customize the Toro Spielfeld to suit your indoor family fun centre, community playground or theme park and offer your visitors a whole new experience with this multi-purpose sports field!

Our playground design team at Yalp can help you to visualize a sports field that meets your wishes. Simply contact us for more information or look directly at our design service.


Although advanced technology is used, the interactives are easy and intuitive to use. No need for explanation, just push the button and play!

All the interactive games are developed with a few basic rules to offer challenging, fun and varied game play. Each game will leave enough space for the creativity of the players to make up their own rules and variations. Together with professional sports trainers we developed games that can handle big groups of players, to team up and start your own tournament.

New games are continously being developed and can be downloaded to each Toro court. The Yalp Toro is a perfect entertainment device for the public area or commercial locations. But also for professional football or hockey training at the elite levels. With the Yalp Toro you can boost your skills and improve your agility, speed and accuracy.

If you have any questions about the different games and the possibilities, please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

View Toro games >>

Durable construction

  • Vandalism resistant
  • 5 year warranty
  • Strong steel construction
  • Resists most severe influences

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Inclusive play

Inclusive play

  • For all ages
  • Accessible for disabled children
  • Family fun
  • Intuïtive gameplay

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Easy to control

  • Remote control
  • Volume adjustments
  • Set on/ off times
  • Game updates

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Durable construction

Like our other interactive sports and play equipment, the Yalp Toro court has been designed to be most suitable for outdoor use. It is extremely robust and vandal-resistant. The Yalp Toro consists of four interactive goals, the Master goal and three basic goals. These are connected with cables, which are laid professionally under the sports field. The goals are made of compressed concrete and powder-coated galvanized steel. The LED panels are protected by a 15mm protective layer of polycarbonate. This material is also used to produce bullet-resistant police shields.

The electronics are double insulated and waterproof according to IP65. The Toro court works with a mains voltage of 230V / 2.5A, the rest of the electronics work with a secure 15V voltage. The Yalp Toro is extremely energy-efficient with an average energy consumption of 90Watt (depending on the selected game). 36 watts are consumed in energy saving mode and 12 watts in sleep mode.

Successfully tested

The Toro Spielfeld and its goals have been thoroughly tested and subjected to the most severe conditions and influences. All the tested components have a proven temperature stability from -35 ° C to + 85 ° C and proven to be shock resistant, they successfully withstand 1000 beats with 50kg. All test results are available and can be viewed on request. The design dampens noise and reduces it to an average of 70dB (A). This corresponds to the volume of an ordinary conversation (60dB) or a TV (71dB). Due to its construction, the Yalp Toro can withstand extreme weather conditions and is optimally protected against vandalism. An ideal playing device for outdoors!

Do you want to see our Toro court with your own eyes and experience its resistance against vandalism? Then contact us or book a showroom visit.

Inclusive play

The Yalp Toro court is fun for all everyone, From young children to veteran sports players. It offers a save place to practice sports in a fun way. It is barrier-free and accessible to all.

For all ages and abilities

The floor is accessible with any kind of wheelchair or support, without being stigmatizing. The Yalp Sutu is fun for all ages and abilities, every player will be fully involved and able to participate all games. All games of the Yalp Toro court are intuitive and easy to understand. The games have different difficulty levels. If required, games can be tailored to specific needs. If required, the game package and speed of the games can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the users.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

Full control

The Yalp interactives are 3G connected, therefore you can remotely control your product setting (volume, games, on/off times, languages). All settings can be conveniently controlled and adjusted via the my.yalp online tool. When purchasing a Yalp interactive play set you receive a personal login account for my.yalp. This online environment also delivers concrete ROI by giving you insight into detailed use statistics, such as the amount of hours your product has been played, the total play hours over a period of time, which games are most popular and how many calories have been burned.


All our interactive products are being consistently monitored (24/7) by our competence center in Holland to ensure proper functioning of the product and make sure the product is updated with the newest games. You are able to contact our competence center at all time by calling us directly, email us, leave a message at our website or leave a comment in the online remote control tool (my.yalp). Our support team exists of experts and is hands-on and to help you with the most desirable solution.

5 year warranty

All Yalp interactive products are provided with a 5 year service and warranty agreement. This includes 5 year warranty on product parts, 24/7 service by our competence center and a SIM card with 5 years data subscription to ensure the product will be 3G connected at all times.

Do you have any questions about our my.yalp online tool, service or warranty? Please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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  • Expert in interactive sports and play since 2006
  • Vandalism resistant
  • Over 600 interactives worldwide
  • Active in 26 countries

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Live Interactive Activity Map

Live Interactive Activity Map
On our live Interactive Activity Map you can see all the installed interactives around the world. We provide you with information on how many games have been played this week, how many hours have been played on the interactives and how many interactive products are installed around the world. Click on one of the interactives to find out more about that specific interactive. Can you find an interactive near your location?

Yalp Toro court product video

Yes – our Yalp interactives are vandal-resistant!

The durable construction and the extremely robust materials ensure this.

  • Strong concrete foundation
  • Waterproofed electronics
  • Galvanized powder-coated steel
  • 15mm thick polycarbonate

The Yalp Toro court resists the heaviest influences easily. For all questions about the Yalp interactives, read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or contact us.


Yalp Toro projects

Ideal locations for Yalp Toro

  • A new playful training and play facility at the sports and football club
  • Get neighbours to socialize in a sportive way at a local park or square
  • Create a compact challenging sports area at the schoolyard
  • Add innovative sportsground at your holiday park to attract teenagers
  • Offer a compact sports experience within your family entertainment centre
  • Make your campsite stand out from the rest
  • Create a sports zone at a healthcare facility or hospital to revalidate with fun


Marc Lammers

Olympic Gold medal winner
(head coach – hockey)

The Netherlands

"The Toro is perfect for intense (skill) training for the young players. As well as offering a fun and challenging array of games"

RCN Holiday Parks

“RCN Het Grote Bos”

The Netherlands

"Interactive playing brings the challenging variety and social interaction that we wanted at our park."

Edison College

Middle School

The Netherlands

"The game-element really speaks to our middle-school students."

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