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We believe in the quality we provide and it shows in our warranty!

We promise our customers that they can enjoy our Yalp products for several years without worries. We offer a TEN-year warranty period for non-electronic parts like steel, aluminum, and plastic construction parts.

When purchasing a Yalp Interactive playset our customers also receive a 2-year warranty on the electronic parts*. Upgrade to the Carefree Pack for a 5-year warranty on the electronic parts* and more.

The warranty also comes with:

  • Lifelong online ticket support for all your questions
  • Continuous firmware & software updates
  • and lifelong expert advice, training, and service

Our warranty does not cover vandalism or faulty use. For harsh climates and close proximity to the sea, we have limited our warranty.

The Köppen-Geiger climate chart

This chart is a proven system to use as a basis for our warranty. It includes both temperature and humidity, both essential indicators of the wear of our products outside.

We include the following zones in our warranty.

  • Bwh (hot desert) (only with mandatory precautions).
  • Af/Am/Aw (tropical) (only with mandatory precautions).
  • Sea/Coastal warranty on electronics. (only with mandatory precautions).

We do not include ET/EF (polar) zones in our warranty due to the extreme cold.

Our climate warranty chart

Our climate warranty chart

Mandatory precautions

For all products placed outside in Af/Am/Aw (tropical) and Bwh (hot desert). These precautions have to be met and documented:

Shade protection

Prevent direct irradiance of the sun on the electronic parts (e.g., Sutu/Toro panels, Memo heads). For example, by using shade covers.

  • Sutu: the front of all Sutu panels should not have direct irradiance of the sun. Important advice is to orientate the Sutu facing away from the sun to prevent irradiation and improve the LED lights’ visibility. For the Northern hemisphere, this means facing North.
  • Toro: all Toro goals should be in the shade. At least focus on the 3 goals facing the sun during the day. In the Northern hemisphere: facing South/East/West.
  • Memo: all Memo heads should be in the shade.
  • Sona: the whole arch should be in the shade.
  • Fono: the Fono interface should be in the shade.

Intensive Maintenance

Clean the product regularly: at least every 3 months (As stated in NEN-EN-ISO 9223:2012).


To maintain the full warranty on coastal/sea, and Af/Am/Aw Tropical or areas with high pollution, we can deliver marine-grade versions of our product.

  • All SS 304 parts are replaced by higher grade SS316 for higher protection grade against corrosion.
  • Sona will be finished with a special marine-grade coating.
  • Ask us for the additional costs.

If you have any questions regarding the mandatory precautions, please contact us.


Yalp Sona Interactive dance and play arch - Tzfat, Isreal

Yalp Sona Interactive dance and play arch - Tzfat, Isreal

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