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On the road to becoming the next world soccer champion

Together with Chinese Yalp Interactive partner DAO Pureland, Yalp Interactive designed and developed a concept of an interactive soccer playground where all ages can be active and train their soccer skills.

One of the cool things about it is its connection to WeChat, made possible by the Yalp API. WeChat allows the user to pick a game and enter the Sutu Sports cage. On the LED screen above the Sutu, the user can check out his/her progress while playing.

Exercises are available at multiple difficulty levels and are linked to the newly designed floor. The size of the Sutu box is optimized to 6 x 8m (19.69’ x 26.25’) and gives a similar feeling to a squash court (non-stop gameplay). When finished, all the collected game statistics linked to the player can be used to create a personal training program. How cool is that?

This concept has been given a new brand name: WePark. The first two WeParks have been realized, one in Chengdu and one in Wuhan. Many more are planned for the coming years!


“It looks like an art exhibition venue but turns out to be an intelligent soccer park.”

Excited visitors of WePark shared their impressions:

“It looks like an art exhibition venue but turns out to be an intelligent soccer park.”
“I have tried the games with my friends, most of them are very interesting, especially the GOAL game. I have to admit that technology has changed our lives.”
“It is very convenient and easy to access. It was very difficult to find a place for soccer in the downtowns for the teenagers but now we have WePark.”
“The park is usually full in the evening and on the weekends.”