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Yalp Sona | The Netherlands

Senior home HilverZorg

Revitalizes body and mind

The Yalp Interactive Sona dance & play arch is becoming highly popular within the senior care sector. Not only does it tailor to their physical activity needs, but it also stimulates the brain.

This case study shows how seniors are getting outdoors much more frequently and enjoy dancing together underneath the Sona. Music, sounds, and instructions trigger the passive elderly (passiveness being part of conditions such as dementia) to become physically revitalized and mentally alert.

Supervisor Hanneke Overhage and teamleader Linda Eijlers share their experiences with the Yalp Sona at senior home HilverZorg, in The Netherlands.


"Staying active contributes to the wellbeing of vulnerable seniors. Many of the seniors with dementia that live with us, love going outside to exercise underneath the Sona arch."

Overhage: “They have absolutely no reservations towards dancing and moving about, they just enjoy it. The entire family plays together – the Yalp Sona bridges generations and helps the seniors feel young again.”

Linda Eijlers adds: “Not only the seniors are using the Sona – visiting children, grandchildren and other residents enjoy the interactive playset as well. The Sona helps our residents stay in touch socially.”

Yalp Sona - Senior home HilverZorg

Yalp Sona - Senior home HilverZorg

Perfectly complements current exercise routines.

Linda continues: “Residents can take a walk in our garden, which is a safe environment. The Sona has been perfectly complementing our garden, and we all enjoy it. Today, we entered our yard and started the morning off dancing and exercising with the Sona. Afterward, we played a few games on the bowling greens and some basketball. And how do you think our residents reacted? ‘Can we do this again next time?’ Lovely, isn’t it!

“It’s of dire importance that seniors get outdoors and get their fresh air. Sadly this does not happen enough. Although it is often used in groups, Sona tailors to the individual by allowing everyone to join in at their own level of ability. This way, everyone can get their essential exercise. The Sona is a truly amazing invention.”

"Our garden with the Yalp Sona has been a great enhancement for both residents and families."