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My Yalp
An online platform where you can easily manage interactives that sounds great! And it’s entirely possible with My Yalp.

Suitable for all interactive sports and play equipment.

Yalp +
A web application as an extension of our interactive sports and play equipment. Even more fun and challenge for the players!

Free of charge for all users.

My Yalp

The platform offers the ability to:

  • Define on and off times
  • Adjust the volume
  • Select games
  • Show statistics
  • Set languages
  • Assign multiple users

Discover all the possibilities!

My Yalp

Another significant benefit is that we can do everything online. Therefore we don’t physically have to go to the Sona.

– Mr. Garthof – Finance manager at the administrative community Landgemeinde Kindelbrück – Germany

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Yalp+ is a free (web)app accessible on for the Yalp Interactive products where users can enjoy more play possibilities.

1. Explore: Find all of the Yalp interactives and what to expect.
2. Learn: Learn how to start (a game)
3. Compete: Put a score on your name and compete.
4. Celebrate: Join fun activities
5. Socialize: Create an account with your progress & share

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Try out the Yalp AR

It’s an interactive experience where you can place your favorite interactive playground equipment anywhere in the real world with your phone, using the 3D models in our AR app.

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We can connect any software platform to our interactive playsets for advanced customization, using our Yalp API, commonly known as YAPI. This API offers controlled and safe access to the interactive play systems and contains all information on how to make this happen. Do you want all Sutu high scores on your website? Do you want to activate games through your app? Or show the on/off times and play statistics of your Memo on a screen? Ask us how to make the magic happen.

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Yalp Dashboard

With the Yalp Dashboard, we want to show the impact, value & play data our products bring to the world. The Yalp Dashboard is free to use, and there is no log-in needed.

Below you can see all the games being played at this very moment! The icons will pop up in different colors each one signifying a Yalp Interactive product. On the icons, you can also see which games are being played! Visit and find out which game is the most popular game being played at the moment.