The environment is considered and held in highest regard within all Yalp business processes. Preventing unnecessary energy consumption, reducing waste and the use of sustainable materials are aspects that receive our full continuous attention. 


At Yalp we actively contribute to various developments in many ways. We have a seat on the board of the PLAY trade association and are active in the tender committee as well. PLAY is closely involved with the sustainable purchasing criteria for street furniture (playground equipment) from NL Agency (Agentschap NL) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. The sustainable purchasing criteria is part of CSR / ISO 26000.

The tender committee has drawn up a model specification, that the PLAY trade association wants to offer to muncipalities in collaboration with VNG and PIANOO.

We are also actively involved within the Commission of Sustainable Purchasing Criteria.  They, in consultation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, formulate sustainability criteria.

To ensure that government policy is implemented quickly and properly, the NL Agency contributes by offering help and advice. Both the organization of Yalp, as all of our products, meet the purchasing criteria of the NL Agency. We will ensure that it will also amply meet this criteria in the future.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means that we take responsibility for the core themes of ISO 26000 in the ecological (Planet), social (People) and economic fields (Profit). Our entire organization is based on these three core themes. We show our professionalism and appreciation for society through the necessary certificates, insofar as these are available in this industry. However, you will not receive the most important information through certificates, but through personal care and support. We would like to invite you to visit our office so that you can get a good impression of our organization, our products and our employees.

Interactive playsets and inspiring projects

At Yalp we try to give everyone in society the opportunity to exercise more and have fun with our interactive playsetsPlaying sports together promotes social integration and strengthens social cohesion in the community / neighborhood. The combination of sports and education (in addition to educational goals) makes a proven contribution to improving the school climate, reducing the number of drop outs and improving the school’s performance.

Playing sports is fun to do and watch, but it’s much more than just that. Playing sports is an important binding element in society. At Yalp we have developed many interesting products that are all inspiring and binding by itself.

At Yalp we consider the environment with all of of its daily activities. We aim to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions as much as possible.

We have been using green energy since 2012. With unchanged power consumption, the CO2 tax lowers with 96,7%. We have also reduced our energy use in order to further mitigate our environmental impact. We pay up to 16% less by using wind energy!

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At Yalp we take good care of our employees and customers. This includes the external communities it touches. Doing so results in Yalp employees finding joy in their work and executing their responsibilities with engagement and passion. Yalp operates in the market of play: let’s therefore do our work in a playful manner!

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At Yalp we contribute to developments in many areas. We are an industry association boardmember and are also active in the procurement commision association.

As an international producer and distributor of sports and play equipment, we are very much aware of the societal influence. Accordingly, at Yalp we attempt to function as an institution within society, whereby our involvement is expressed – among other ways – by giving tangible support to many charitable causes, and by supporting local sports clubs. By doing so, we attempt to positively contribute to the local economy. This is not just done in terms of financial support, but also by getting the people involved and lending a helping hand where possible.

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