Yalp Memo Activity zone

Playful learning with valuable educational games

Durable robust construction – vandal-resistant

Learning games – educational games

New game development – uploaded very easily

100% Dutch design – invented, constructed, assembled in the Netherlands

Combines the best of video games and outdoor play

Reinforces your classroom learning

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Yalp Memo product features

Memo, Yalp

Dutch design

  • Founder of interactive play
  • World market leader
  • 100% made in Holland
  • Award winning company
playful learning

Playful learning

  • Educational valuable
  • Learning by having fun
  • Learning outdoors
  • Gamification


  • Teamplayer
  • Mathematic games
  • Individual learning
  • Spelling games

Dutch design

The Yalp Memo Activity zone is a pedagogically valuable play set for outdoors and consists out of a play floow with 7 game posts. It is a Dutch specialty to be proud of the Dutch design – and that is what we are. The Yalp Memo game posts are minimalistic in design to draw attention to the 360° LED touch screens.

Made in Holland

Yalp is founder of interactive play and currently the global market leading company for interactive indoor/ outdoor play equipment. At Yalp we have been creating interactive gaming instruments since 2006 – combining modern gaming technologies and outdoor play equipment. With 10 years experience in development of interactive playing equipment, our products are a success and have a proven long-term quality as we have installed over 440 interactives worldwide.

We proudly won several awards with our interactive products. Our inhouse Yalp design team is the creative brain behind the design and development of each product, from the very first sketches till the last bolt. The entire production and assembly of the Yalp interactive play sets takes place within a radius of 30km around the Yalp head office in The Netherlands. Our products are 100% developed, manufactured and assembled in The Netherlands, were on top of the production and have close contact with our part suppliers, therefore we can guarantee the highest quality of our products.

The Yalp Memo game posts attract children, as well as their parents or grand parents. Do you want more information or need a little inspiration? Then look at our design service and our projects! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Playful learning

It’s so much fun to play on the Yalp Memo. In addition, gamification is also encouraged. Gamification is a term and describes the way in which new things are learned. Although the game posts are a very innovative and the Yalp Memo a technically advanced play device for outdoors and indoors, the operation is child-friendly and intuitive. Yalp Memo reinforces your classroom learning and takes the classroom experience of your school outdoors.

Children are quite unaffected by everything and just go! As an addition to the classroom, the Yalp Memo game posts offer an innovative motivation to learn. Mathematics games promote the mathematical abilities of the children and also spelling games have never been as much fun as with the Yalp Memo. Due to the movement-intensive play, the Yalp Memo is not only educational valuable, but also promote healthy movement.

All educational games are easy to understand and, of course, open to creativity, there are simple rules that are easy to modify. This stimulates children and young people to create new ideas and games. The Yalp Memo is therefore also suitable for a wide range of applications and purposes: school playgrounds, community playground, leisure facilities, indoor family fun centres or even museums, the possibilities are endless.

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Although advanced technologies are embedded in the interactive equipment, all are easy and intuitive to understand. All the games were designed to be fun and come with a short sentence of explanation. The Yalp Memo game posts work with visual and acoustic effects and react by touching the 360° LED touch screens.

All interactive games challenge the players, bring a lot of fun and are always varied: there are many different games, such as mathematic games or spelling games. Children and young people learn to play together and cooperate. The Yalp Memo games leave the players room for creativity and personal interpretation.

New rules and game variants are created easily. At Yalp, we are developing new games that can accommodate the changing world of children. These are easily transferred to the device via the 3G internet connection. No data cable is required. If you have any questions about the different games and the possibilities, please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

Durable construction

  • Vandalism resistant
  • 5 year warranty
  • Strong steel construction
  • Resists most severe influences
memo-inclusive play

Inclusive play

  • No instructions needed
  • Just one button
  • Touch technology
  • Truly interactive

Easy to control

  • Remote control
  • Volume adjustments
  • Game updates
  • Set on/ off times

Durable construction

The Yalp Memo Activity zone, like our other interactive play equipment, has been designed to withstand the heaviest outdoor use. The 7 game posts are extremely robust and resistant to vandalism. There is a master post in the middle of the play field and 6 basic game posts. Each post is fixed to the ground with a flange and 4 steel anchors. The floor has various design options: painted concrete, concrete pavement, rubber poured floor or even artificial grass. The construction exists of steel and stainless steel, which is powder-coated with two layers. The 360° LED touch screens are protected by a thick layer of polycarbonate, the same material that is also used for production of police protection shields.

All electronics are IP65 waterproofed and sealed in the Memo game posts. The power supply is double insulated and needs mains voltage of 230V / 2,5A. The rest of the interactive gaming device operates with a secure mains voltage of 15V. The Yalp Memo game posts consume an average of 150 watts (maximum of 250 watts), about 50 watts are consumed in the energy saving mode and 10 watts in the sleep mode – the Memo game posts are energy-saving.

Successfully tested

Like all of our interactive play sets, the Yalp Memo game posts are thoroughly tested and exposed to the most severe conditions and influences. The Memo game posts have passed all tests for temperature stability from -35 ° C to + 85 ° C without any problems. For safety reasons, individual components may prematurely shut down at extreme heat to prevent possible damage. Also vandalism tests like fire, water, sand, vibrations and impacts show that our Yalp Memo game posts are extremely robust.

The design and positioning of the speakers in the posts attenuates the noise development and reduces it to an average of 60dB. This corresponds to the volume of an ordinary conversation (60dB) or a TV (71dB). In order to prevent possible noise nuisance, we recommend installing the Yalp Memo at a distance of approx. 50m to the nearest resident. The volume is adjustable and can be remotely adjusted as required with the online my.yalp tool. All test results are available and can be viewed on request.

Do you want to see our Memo Activity zone with your own eyes and experience the resistance against vandalism? Then contact us or book showroom visit.

Inclusive play

The Yalp Memo activity zone is fun for the whole family. The game posts do not only attract children, but they also entice parents and grandparents to join in. It is barrier-free and accessible to all, to create a shared play experience that helps build communities and bring families closer together. The Memo Activity zone lures everyone out into the fresh air and motivates to exercise with fun and games.

The Yalp Memo is truly inclusive. The play floor is accessible to all players. Children with physical or emotional barriers can freely play with their friends and siblings. The floor is accessible with any kind of wheelchair or support, without being stigmatizing. The Yalp Memo is fun for all ages and abilities, every player will be fully involved and able to participate all games. All games of the Yalp Memo Activity zone are intuitive and easy to understand. The games have different topics and difficulty levels. If required a special software package is available, whereby different games and calmer audio feedback can be installed.

Are you wondering if the Memo Activity zone is suitable for your needs? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Easy to control

The Yalp interactives are 3G connected, therefore you can remotely control your product setting (volume, games, on/off times, languages). All settings can be conveniently controlled and adjusted via the my.yalp online tool. When purchasing a Yalp interactive play set you receive a personal login account for my.yalp. This online environment also delivers concrete ROI by giving you insight into detailed use statistics, such as the amount of hours your product has been played, the total play hours over a period of time, which games are most popular and how many calories have been burned.


All our interactive products are being consistently monitored (24/7) by our competence center in Holland to ensure proper functioning of the product and make sure the product is updated with the newest games. You are able to contact our competence center at all time by calling us directly, email us, leave a message at our website or leave a comment in the online remote control tool (my.yalp). Our support team exists of experts and is hands-on and to help you with the most desirable solution.

5 year warranty

All Yalp interactive products are provided with a 5 year service and warranty agreement. This includes 5 year warranty on product parts, 24/7 service by our competence center and a SIM card with 5 years data subscription to ensure the product will be 3G connected at all times.

Do you have any questions about our my.yalp online tool, service or warranty? Please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

Live Interactive Activity Map

Yalp Memo Activity zone product video


With this equationgame you have to use your brain and your mathematic skills to solve the the posts. When you choose the right answer the post will light up green.


Run as fast as you can around the memo setup. The first player who runs two rounds wins!


Everyone is playing with their own color and you have to tag all the posts that appear in your color before they run out. The player with the highest score wins!

Yes – our Yalp interactives are vandal-resistant!

The durable construction and the extremely robust materials ensure this.

  • Strong steel anchoring in the ground
  • Extra dense PE and polycarbonate
  • Galvanized powder-coated steel
  • Waterproofed electronics

The Yalp Memo Activity zone resists the heaviest influences easily. For all questions about the Yalp interactives, read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or contact us.


Yalp Memo projects

Ideal locations for Yalp Memo:

  • Add interactive learning to your schoolyard
  • Convert a playground into a innovative play area
  • Introduce playful exercise in elderly homes
  • Practice sports and reaction speed at sports institutes
  • Create a unique play element in your theme park
  • Make visiting an experience in a shopping centre or mall
  • Make waiting fun in transport hubs like airports and train stations
  • Create a fun way to get more fit in healthcare facilities and hospitals
  • Have more people coming back to your restaurant or hotel


“The YALP Memo is a fantastic addition to any playground and brings a new, fresh, and innovative dimension to outdoor playtime."

Rickey Koga, Second Grade Teacher, Rio del Sol STEAM School.
The United States
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The Yalp Memo spreads joy and also gives students who have it difficult socially the possibility to join the community.

Sirkka Persson - Rector Kringlaskolan
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"The enjoyment on the children's faces says it all. The products are so fun and unique, definitely something for us to be proud of!"

Ollerton and Boughton Town Council
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