Yalp Fono DJ Booth

The only outdoor DJ booth in the world

The only outdoor DJ desk in the world – the original

Durable robust design – vandal-resistant

Positive meeting place for young people

Music from your smartphone or pre-installed sounds

100% Dutch design – invented, constructed, assembled in the Netherlands

Red Dot Award Winner

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Yalp Fono product features

Dutch design

Dutch design

  • Red dot design award 2014
  • Founder of interactive play
  • 100% made in Holland
  • World market leader
designed for teenagers

Designed for teenagers

  • Positive meeting place
  • Creative activity
  • Addition to sports/play facilities
  • Promotes musical talent
Dj functions

DJ functions

  • Developed with pro DJ’s
  • Record your own music
  • Works with any smartphone
  • Pre installed beats

Dutch design

The Netherlands are renowned for their highly professional DJs – now everyone can discover their DJ talent with the Yalp Fono DJ Booth! The Fono DJ Booth was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award in 2014. The Red Dot Design Award is the largest and most prestigious design award in the world. The Fono DJ Booth was selected from 4800 submissions from 53 countries. Former winners include Apple, BMW, Nike, Auping and Philips. This makes us very proud and motivates us to always have new innovations in our interactive play sets for outdoors and indoors!

Made in Holland.

That’s why we’ve been creating interactive sports and play equipment since 2006 – bringing together modern gaming technologies and outdoor play equipment. Yalp is founder of interactive play and currently the global market leading company for interactive indoor/ outdoor play equipment. With 10 years experience in development of interactive playing equipment, our products are a success and have a proven long-term quality as we have installed over 440 interactives worldwide. We proudly won several awards with our interactive products. Our inhouse Yalp design team is the creative brain behind the design and development of each product, from the very first sketches till the last bolt. The entire production and assembly of the Yalp interactive play sets takes place within a radius of 30km around the Yalp head office in The Netherlands. Our products are 100% developed, manufactured and assembled in The Netherlands, were on top of the production and have close contact with our part suppliers, therefore we can guarantee the highest quality of our products.

Do you want more information or need inspiration? Then look at our design service and our projects! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Designed for teenagers

The interactive DJ table is designed to create something positive for teenagers, and everyone that is young at heart. Children and adolescents with a less strong interest in sports can play and show their talents here. Music has always been and will always be an important way to express your identity. The Yalp DJ Booth gives young people the opportunity to explore their creativity.


Almost every youngster in modern times has access to a smartphone or owns one. The Yalp Fono DJ Booth works with any kind of smartphone. DJs are the new idols and now everyone can discover their own musical talent in themselves!

All functions are easy to understand and completely open to creativity, there are no rules. This stimulates children and young people to create new ideas and compositions. The Yalp Fono DJ Booth is therefore also suitable for a wide range of locations and purposes: whether it is a children’s playground, a recreational park, a skate park, a youth centre or an family entertainment centre, the possibilities are endless.

Please contact us for more information.

DJ functions

Although advanced technologies are embedded in the interactive equipment, all are easy and intuitive to understand. Professional DJs have helped developing the Yalp Fono DJ Booth. The Yalp Fono is understandable and accessible to all, though it also offers cool features and effects for the more advanced users.

How it works

Two rotating DJ discs allows the users to precisely control the effects. In the Fono DJ desk, familiar effects are integrated such as scratching, cross-threads or a pitch filter, which alternately filters out high and low tones. There is the possibility to record music and create your own loops, e.g. repetitive sound sequences. For user that forgot to bring their smartphone, 100 sounds are pre-installed.

The Yalp Fono DJ Booth is very easy to use, and it is always fun to play. The Fono DJ Booth can be played with its own music, which is wirelessly transferred via the smartphone without Bluetooth, cable or login. The Yalp Fono is particularly popular amongst young people. It offers a meeting place for friends and a meaningful combination of music and dance.

If you have any questions about the different games and the possibilities, please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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Durable construction

  • Vandalism resistant
  • 5 year warranty
  • Strong concrete construction
  • Resists most severe influences
Easy to control

Full control

  • Ease of use
  • Maximized volume
  • Regulate on/ off times
  • Headphones can be used

Energy use

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Comparable to energy saving lamp
  • Solar power edition available

Durable construction

The Yalp Sutu DJ Booth, like our other interactive play equipment, has been designed to be suitable for outdoor use. It is extremely robust and vandalism-resistant. For a stable anchoring of the Fono DJ Booth a concrete floor is recommended, to be mounted to the floor with chemical anchors. In order to guarantee a stable positioning on other surfaces, we recommend creating a solid foundation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Compacted concrete and stainless steel guarantee weather resistance and protect the Yalp Fono against vandalism. The Yalp Fono DJ Booth is designed for permanent installation.

All electronics are IP65 waterproof. The power supply is double insulated and needs only a mains voltage of 230V / 2,5A.


The speakers of the Yalp Fono are directed towards the inside, the noise is attenuated and reduced to an average of 60dB. This corresponds approximately to the volume of an ordinary conversation (60dB) or a TV (71dB). The concrete sides of the DJ Booth prevents noise disturbance as it bounces the sound directly to the DJ, or the people in the immediate vicinity.

In order to prevent possible noise disturbances, we recommend installing a Yalp Fono DJ Booth at a distance of approx. 50m to the nearest residence. Of course the volume can be adjusted to a maximum if required. During use, the volume can be adapted to the particular music style or the desired sound, and a headphone connection is also available.

 Successfully tested

As with all of our interactive outdoor and indoor games, the Yalp Fono DJ Booth is extensively tested and exposed to the most severe conditions and influences. This includes tests with fireworks, mud, snow, ice, gum and all kinds of liquids. All test results are available and can be viewed on request.

Many of our Yalp Fono DJ Booths are set up in areas known for vandalism, over several years not one product has suffered damage causing the product to malfunction. They all still provide the people in these areas a lot of fun, we are particularly proud of that. Would you like to see our robust Fono DJ Booth with our own eyes and experience its resistance against vandalism? Then contact us or book a showroom visit.

Full control

The interactive DJ Booth can be installed at any location, it is delivered in one to make installation quick and easy.

The Yalp Fono DJ Booth has a variety of settings, which can be adjusted directly during the installation or, if required, can be adjusted later on site. The on and off times can be set with the internal clock. The maximum volume can be determined to prevent any noise nuisance for the near residential area. We do recommend a minimum distance of 50m to the nearest resident.

During use, the volume can be adapted to the particular music style or the desired sound, and a headphone connection is also available.


Our competence center is keen to ensure proper functioning of the product. You are able to contact our competence center at all time by calling us directly, email us, leave a message at our website. Our support team exists of experts and is hands-on and to help you with the most desirable solution.

5 year warranty

All Yalp interactive products are provided with a 5 year service and warranty agreement. This includes 5 year warranty on product parts, 24/7 service by our competence center.

Do you have questions concerning our Yalp Fono DJ Booth? Please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

Energy use

The Yalp Fono DJ Booth for outdoor use has been designed to be most energy efficient. During active use, the Fono DJ booth consumes a maximum 11 Watt, this is comparable with a ordinary light bulb. If the Fono DJ Booth is in the energy saving mode and not used, the consumption is 4 Watt. In sleep mode, energy consumption is 1 Watt. The Fono DJ Booth is unbeatable in its energy efficiency.

Solar power option

For sunny climates, Yalp Fono is also available as a solar power version, with solar panels on the roof and an advanced battery system to create its own green energy.

For other climates, main power is the best option to make sure the Yalp Fono DJ Booth is always powered and ready to roll.

You wonder if a Fono DJ desk is suitable for your needs? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Live Interactive Activity Map

Yalp Fono DJ booth product video

Yes – our Yalp interactives are vandal-resistant!

The durable construction and the extremely robust materials ensure this.

  • Compressed concrete
  • Chemical anchoring in the concrete floor
  • Stainless steel
  • Waterproofed electronics

The Yalp Fono DJ Booth resists the heaviest influences easily. For all questions about the Yalp interactives, read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or contact us.


Yalp Fono projects

Ideal locations for Yalp Fono:

  • Create teenage hangouts in cities and public areas like parks and squares
  • Add a cool way to play music to your sports facilities
  • Turn your museum or attraction into an interactive experience
  • Create an attractive teenage area to campings and holiday parks
  • Engage more students in a new way at secondary schools
  • A new meeting place in a neighbourhood that creates coherence
  • Attract more teenagers and young adults at a family entertainment centre
  • Provide a unique hangout at skateparks, as music is a huge part of the skate community


"In Helsingborg, we chose to place the Fono on the boardwalk right by the sea. It was an optimal spot"

Josette Dahlin - Gröningen, Helsingborg, Sweden
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"The enjoyment on the children's faces says it all. The products are so fun and unique, definitely something for us to be proud of!"

Ollerton and Boughton Town Council
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"The guests love it, and the play sets are literally used nonstop; every day of the season"

Ruud Rerink - Product Development Manager Center Parcs
The Netherlands
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