17 January 2017, By Yalp

We often hear the debate between interactive or traditional play. But this is not relevant in our eyes: it’s not one or the other; they both work together very well.
The world is changing and the new generation becomes more and more digital oriented. Playing video games, watching series non-stop and keeping up with social media is a major part of their lifestyle. To tempt this generation to go outside, it is required to meet their demands. Our interactive playsets are combining the best of both worlds, the entertaining value of the digital world and the active mindset of outdoor play. Interactive play isn’t just some lights and sounds that respond randomly. Interactive play responds actively to the actions of the player and give them feedback, which will motivate them to keep playing and challenge themselves. In that way you can trigger this new generation to play outside more, where they can have as much fun as with their video games and be active at the same time.