Interactive play is the link between the digital and real world. The game world challenges, brings variety, innovation in games.

The real world brings, among other things, physical exercise outdoors and social interaction. So the best of both worlds. Our interactive products bring the solution towards today’s challenges, we live in a fast changing world with increased digitalisation. It is hard to beat the entertainment value of 
video games.

With our interactive products, we are meeting the demands of this new reality and the new generation, while ensuring the benefits of outdoor play. A swing or slide simply isn’t enough for today’s generation anymore.

An often heard misconception is that interactive play would be equal to electronic play. But that would be a mistake. Simply adding electronics to a play device does not make it interactive.

We often hear the debate between interactive or traditional play. But this is not relevant in our eyes: it’s not one or the other; they both work together very well.
The world is changing and the new generation becomes more and more digital oriented. Playing video games, watching series non-stop and keeping up with social media is a major part of their lifestyle. To tempt this generation to go outside, it is required to meet their demands. Our interactive playsets are combining the best of both worlds, the entertaining value of the digital world and the active mindset of outdoor play. Interactive play isn’t just some lights and sounds that respond randomly. Interactive play responds actively to the actions of the player and give them feedback, which will motivate them to keep playing and challenge themselves. In that way you can trigger this new generation to play outside more, where they can have as much fun as with their video games and be active at the same time.

The World’s first interactive play set was launched by Yalp in 2006. Meanwhile, interactives such as the Yalp Sona have been placed in over 550 locations worldwide, and have won a great deal of awards.

And we’re not done developing by a long shot! Our product portfolio will only broaden and deepen in the coming years. The unique play solutions Yalp has created have not gone by unnoticed. We have received the following honours and awards:

  • Red Dot Design Award 2014 – Yalp Fono DJ booth
  • EU Profit Innovation Award 2013 – Yalp Memo Activity zone
  • Pleisureworld Novelty Award 2012 – Yalp Fono DJ booth
  • Building Holland Award 2012 – Yalp Sutu Football wall
  • Leisure & Sport Totaal Award 2009 – Yalp Sutu Football wall
  • Pleisureworld Novelty Award 2009 – Yalp Sutu Football wall
  • Pleisureworld Novelty Award 2006 – Yalp Sona Play arch

The games are developed without any game rules, the children can use their own imagination and create their own rules. Each game consists of several levels, which are more difficult.

Therefor the games are always challenging and ensures that they are never boring. A set of games/ sound samples are pre installed onto the interactive playsets and new games/ sound samples are developed continually. A maximum of five games is switched on at the same time. The least played game is automatically replaced by a new one. Of course it is possible to select games manually.

Why can’t our children simply play outside, just like before? Children nowadays are already too much in front of the TV and mobile phone, watching series, playing video games and keeping up with the social media.

A traditional swing of slide isn’t simply enough anymore to trigger this new generation to go outside and play.
Our interactive playsets are meeting the demands of this new reality. They combine the entertainment value of video games with the benefits of outdoor play and therefore are more tempting for the new generation. Research has shown that interactive playsets all greatly exceed their traditional counterparts in terms of exercise intensity. During research the the movement intensity of the Yalp Sona play arch and Yalp Toro court were compared with other sports. The Yalp Sona ‘Reaction Race’ game achieved more than 10 MET points, which makes it more intensive than biking (MET 4.5), basketball (MET6), running (MET6.2) or non-competitive football (MET 7).

MET stands for Metabolic Equivalent and is a unit of measure within physiology. One MET is equal to a person’s metabolic rate while sitting/ resting.

Yes, the Interactive playsets are specifically designed for heavy-duty outdoor use and are all-weather proof and developed to withstand the tough conditions outdoors.

Therefore the products are very low on maintenance, though we recommend that you regularly (at least once a year) do some maintenance, regarding the following:

  • Clean all polycarbonate panels (from front and back) by using a cotton or a strong paper cloth and a cleaning substance without diluent. You can use a glass cleaner from the local supermarket.
  • Clean the steel structure with a cotton or strong paper cloth and a cleaning substance without diluent.
  • All screws and bolts need to be checked. Are they still fixed? If not, tighten them.
  • Check all wires for cuttings and corrosion. When you see damage that can cause any kind of dangerous situation, please contact the supplier.

All interactive playsets are specifically designed for heavy-duty outdoor use. The interactives are all-weather proof and developed to withstand the tough conditions outdoors, according to EN 1176: 2008. All electronic components are housed in a solid steel or concrete construction.

More than 550 installed interactives show that a computer in the public space is not a problem at all and that the
products developed by Yalp are certainly vandalism resistant. We have designed every detail to withstand every weather and usage condition.

The products are made of high quality materials. For instance, the transparent panels of the Yalp Sutu and Yalp Toro are made of 15mm thick polycarbonate. This material is similar to bullet-proof glass and is also used in the safety shields of the police. All metal parts are made from galvanized and powder coated steel, which provides an ultimate protection against vandalism. The panels of the Yalp Sutu are successfully tested to withstand heavy impact (1000 times 50kg), can withstand vibration and temperature differences of -35°C until +85°C.

All products have passed the vandalism tests with great success. The impact resistance (1,000 × 50 kg), resistance at temperature differences (-35 ° C. to + 85 ° C.) and the resistance to shocks were successfully tested. We are convinced of the quality of our products, therefore every product comes with a 5 year warranty and service licence.

Yes especially! Most of the games are developed to be able to play solo, as in groups. Special games are developed for larger groups. These can be accessed through our owners’ online administrator tool.

On the other hand, we also have just as many games for single players that like to play solo. We have something for everyone. Interactive play is fun to do only once (e.g. daytime leisure) but also for returning visitors. A maximum of 5 games can be switched on at once, the games can be changed manually or automatically. And we develop new games throughout the year, so when kids return to the same play set after about a while or so, they often experience entirely new games.

The answers is no. The maximum volume and on / off times of the interactive playsets can be set by the administrator, with the online my.yalp tool.

Also the positioning of the speakers in every interactive playset ensure that the players can hear the sound optimally, whereas the neighbourhood experiences as little disturbance as possible.

For example, to prevent sound to carry far, the Yalp Fono Dj booth is designed with sides of concrete and speakers directed inwards, to keep sound mainly focused at the DJ playing the Fono, and the near audience. The minimum sound level of the Fono in use is around 60dB (same as a normal conversation). The maximum sound level of the Sona in use is around 95 dB (same as a high volume stereo). As a rule of thumb, we advise not to place the Fono within 50 meters of the nearest residence.

Our interactive playsets are developed to fit a certain age group best, nevertheless they are fun for young and old.

For example, the Yalp Fono Dj booth is specially created for teenagers, though younger children also have a lot of fun by scratching the music samples available on the Yalp Fono. All of the Yalp interactive playsets are developed to be simple to understand by all ages and accessible for everyone, even the elderly or the physical or mentally disabled.

For instance, the Yalp Sutu football wall is suitable for primary school children and secondary school youth, but also irresistible for adults. With one press on the button, children can choose from several games. The impact-sensitive panels measure and react to ball impact. Vivid LED lights and audio speakers give players feedback and encouragement on their performance. This creates an amazing interaction between the player and the interactive playset, young or old, you can see a smile appear from the very first second they start playing.

The interactive playsets require little power.

When played the interactive playset uses about 60 -250W, this is comparable to a light-bulb or a desktop PC. When the interactive playset is in idle (sleep mode), the power usage remains about 10W. The only power source needed is a regular power socket, the playsets need to be connected to a power supply of 230V.

All interactive playsets are truly inclusive and are developed to be accessible for children with mental or physical disabilities.

Disabled children can play together with their friends, brothers and sisters at the same games, as the play floor can be safely accessed with any kind of wheelchair. Examples are a child that would usually remain non-reactive in everyday situations, completely lit up when playing on the interactive playset. Another child with heavy autism completely relaxed, moved her arms, danced and smiled underneath the Yalp Sona play arch. For this interactive playset a special software package is available for this sector, whereby different games and calmer audio feedback can be installed. The speed and volume at which the games are played can be adjusted.

The Yalp Sona has also become very important healthcare innovation for seniors. Exercising to the musically guided programs contribute to the well being of vulnerable elderly, especially to those that spend most of their days indoors. Furthermore, the Yalp Sona has proven to help people with Alzheimer’s to become more mentally alert.

There are many more examples, please take a look at our Inclusive play page.

The interactive playsets are connected to the internet and therefore remotely controllable.

By purchase of a Yalp interactive, you receive a personal login account for my.yalp where you can access all the settings or your product. The online my.yalp control tool is very important and is something we spent a lot of development time on. Our goal was to keep it simple. If someone can use a smartphone, they can remote control their interactive playset. For example, here you are able to change the volume and on/off times or choose new games from a laptop or mobile phone. And most exciting, you can monitor the usage statistics and check the latest game highscores. Within the usage statistics you can see how many hours there has been played over a certain period of time and which game is played most frequent, thus is most popular. The online my.yalp tool gives you full control over your product. And the best part, every year, new updates like games and features will be available.

The statistics show that there is an immense amount of playing going on at recreation facilities. Two examples of a rainy October month? The Yalp Sutu at Center Parcs de Eemhof in The Netherlands was played over 4 hours non-stop/ day, and the Yalp Sona at Camping De Paal in The Netherlands over 3 hours. That is pure non-stop play.. On summer days you can easily double those figures. Such frequency and length of playing is absolutely unheard of with regular playsets, but very common with interactive play.

Sona, Pikku Kakkosen Puisto Tampere

Interactive play fits everywhere, and tailors to a much larger target audience than anything else out there.

Interactive play is fun to do only once (daytime leisure) but also for returning visitors. With our playsets,
new games will be available every year. When kids return to the same playset after about a week or so, they often find entirely new games. The Yalp interactive playsets can also be thematized, according to the particular facility. Moreover, interactive playsets are very accessible for people in wheelchairs or the elderly, without being stigmatizing.

Interactive play fits everywhere, and tailors to a much larger target audience than anything else out there. The Yalp interactive playsets are customizable to your specific theme or facility.

For instance, The Yalp Sona play arch is available in many different colours or can be fully customized from flooring till extra decoration elements on top of the arch. Even the games can be adjusted with new sound samples to custom made games that suits the theme. Curious how the interactive playset you are interested in can be customized? Please feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities.

Customization example

All interactive playsets are provided with a 5 year warranty and service licence.

The warranty covers a 5 year free delivery of all parts (new or refurbished) and components needed for replacement of Yalp interactive products if it is found to be defective due to faulty materials, workmanship or function within the guarantee period.

To control and manage the Yalp interactive playset a mobile internet connection is needed. Therefore, a high quality 3G internet connection system is built-in. The service fee and data costs of this connection are integrated in this service. The 3G data SIM card is included and pre-installed in the Yalp factory to make sure your product is plug-and-play on delivery. Yalp has global data coverage, in most of the areas with normal 3G/4G data access. Please contact Yalp to check your local data coverage.

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