17 January 2017, By Yalp

By purchase of a Yalp interactive, you receive a personal login account for my.yalp where you can access all the settings or your product. The online my.yalp control tool is very important and is something we spent a lot of development time on. Our goal was to keep it simple. If someone can use a smartphone, they can remote control their interactive playset. For example, here you are able to change the volume and on/off times or choose new games from a laptop or mobile phone. And most exciting, you can monitor the usage statistics and check the latest game highscores. Within the usage statistics you can see how many hours there has been played over a certain period of time and which game is played most frequent, thus is most popular. The online my.yalp tool gives you full control over your product. And the best part, every year, new updates like games and features will be available.

The statistics show that there is an immense amount of playing going on at recreation facilities. Two examples of a rainy October month? The Yalp Sutu at Center Parcs de Eemhof in The Netherlands was played over 4 hours non-stop/ day, and the Yalp Sona at Camping De Paal in The Netherlands over 3 hours. That is pure non-stop play.. On summer days you can easily double those figures. Such frequency and length of playing is absolutely unheard of with regular playsets, but very common with interactive play.

Sona, Pikku Kakkosen Puisto Tampere