17 January 2017, By Yalp

More than 550 installed interactives show that a computer in the public space is not a problem at all and that the
products developed by Yalp are certainly vandalism resistant. We have designed every detail to withstand every weather and usage condition.

The products are made of high quality materials. For instance, the transparent panels of the Yalp Sutu and Yalp Toro are made of 15mm thick polycarbonate. This material is similar to bullet-proof glass and is also used in the safety shields of the police. All metal parts are made from galvanized and powder coated steel, which provides an ultimate protection against vandalism. The panels of the Yalp Sutu are successfully tested to withstand heavy impact (1000 times 50kg), can withstand vibration and temperature differences of -35°C until +85°C.

All products have passed the vandalism tests with great success. The impact resistance (1,000 × 50 kg), resistance at temperature differences (-35 ° C. to + 85 ° C.) and the resistance to shocks were successfully tested. We are convinced of the quality of our products, therefore every product comes with a 5 year warranty and service licence.