17 January 2017, By Yalp

A traditional swing of slide isn’t simply enough anymore to trigger this new generation to go outside and play.
Our interactive playsets are meeting the demands of this new reality. They combine the entertainment value of video games with the benefits of outdoor play and therefore are more tempting for the new generation. Research has shown that interactive playsets all greatly exceed their traditional counterparts in terms of exercise intensity. During research the the movement intensity of the Yalp Sona play arch and Yalp Toro court were compared with other sports. The Yalp Sona ‘Reaction Race’ game achieved more than 10 MET points, which makes it more intensive than biking (MET 4.5), basketball (MET6), running (MET6.2) or non-competitive football (MET 7).

MET stands for Metabolic Equivalent and is a unit of measure within physiology. One MET is equal to a person’s metabolic rate while sitting/ resting.