17 January 2017, By Yalp

For example, the Yalp Fono Dj booth is specially created for teenagers, though younger children also have a lot of fun by scratching the music samples available on the Yalp Fono. All of the Yalp interactive playsets are developed to be simple to understand by all ages and accessible for everyone, even the elderly or the physical or mentally disabled.

For instance, the Yalp Sutu football wall is suitable for primary school children and secondary school youth, but also irresistible for adults. With one press on the button, children can choose from several games. The impact-sensitive panels measure and react to ball impact. Vivid LED lights and audio speakers give players feedback and encouragement on their performance. This creates an amazing interaction between the player and the interactive playset, young or old, you can see a smile appear from the very first second they start playing.