My Yalp

Our new team member in Germany

I was on the phone when I heard about interactive playground equipment for the first time. Despite more than ten years of experience, I could not imagine anything more detailed. My interest was peaked, and thus my research began.

I remember the first time I stood in front of an “Interactive,” it was a Yalp Sona Interactive dance and play arch. I was enthusiastic about the idea – the programming – the processing of the device. It is generation-spreading play possibilities, which pull young and old – wheelchair users, athletes, gamblers, curious individuals, and couch potatoes into a spell. The combination of computer games and sports lessons is more than successful. Bringing the unstoppable trend of gaming outdoors, combined with exercise, is unique.

My innate, German fear of vandalism, electrically operated equipment on playgrounds, and “something new” was very high as a technician and inspector, according to DIN-EN SPEC 79161. Today I represent Yalp with my name. Fast solutions, smooth delivery times, and ready-to-use installations from one source complete our portfolio.

Maintenance, updates, and device-related data can be easily maintained and viewed online with a few clicks.

Now I see myself as a missionary – who wants to take the German planner and operator by the hand to take the step forward together to offer our children something contemporary, modern play equipment!

”To bring the unstoppable trend of gaming to the outside world, combined with movement is unique.”

– Marc Reidel

Marc Reidel