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We should be practicing physical distancing instead of social distancing. Find out how!

Written by: Yvonne Overmaat, President Yalp INC. – 12 juni 2020

Social distance vs Physical distance

Even though we see a more significant embrace of the outdoors during a time of great change, playgrounds all over the world have temporarily been closed. While we are managing to guide the safe return to the playground, we can think differently about our behavioral patterns. Play is critical to all of us; at Yalp, we would like to stress that limiting unnecessary physical contact with others doesn’t have to prevent us from playing outside.

We can still stay (and play) connected while maintaining our distance. Our interactives lend themselves excellently for distant social play with very low sanitizing needed. Our interactives are accessible to all with low injury potential. On the interactive dance arch, Sona, and many of our other interactives, you can initiate play with the press of your elbow.

Sutu - physical distancing

Sutu - physical distancing

A new way to play

A new way to play

Touch-free play as a solution to social distancing

Just look at how the Sutu allows touch-free play. Plus, many games are very suitable for playing at a distance while still having fun with your friends. There are also different play experiences when you visit the playground as games can rotate automatically, and new content is uploaded.

Our technology affects not only the user but also the operator. Our remote control tool My Yalp allows you to do a large part of your maintenance remotely without requiring your crews to go on-site physically. It offers great insights into how the location is performing by looking at the play statistics. We can even see that more playgrounds are opening up again, children and grown-ups are starting to re-discover the fun of playing outside.

Download our flyer on Touch-free play

At Yalp, we want to live in a world of PLAY, no matter the circumstances.

Let's Play!

Fun fact:

In the Netherlands and Germany, almost all interactives already remind people ‘to not forget to wash their hands after playing’ in their welcome message.