Memo - Madrid - Spain - February 2019
26 February 2019, By Steffanie Hoek
“In November 2018, Miguel, our colleague from Lappset Spain, visited Yalp Headquarters with the municipality of Madrid to check out our interactive play equipment. It was a great trip that led to an order of two interactives, a Sutu wall and a Memo.” – Ben Admiraal

Owner Ben Admiraal and Sales manager Jaap van Putten are looking back on a successful trip to Madrid.

Ben: This month, we were allowed to deliver both interactives in the presence of other interested Spanish municipalities and it was a great success!

We started off with our Sutu wall and our export manager Harrie made everyone familiar with the Sutu in a playful manner. We discovered how talented Spaniards are with a soccer ball, because they shot all targets with such precision and skill and had great scores. After playing for a while, we took a group photo and continued our trip to our next location, the Yalp Memo.

They had temporarily set up the Yalp Memo in a 150-hectare park. It turned out to be a little more difficult to get people’s full attention and interest with our Memo, but once they understood the interactive, they became quite intrigued by it. Together we ran through the Memo poles and played some math- and memory games. For a moment we felt like we were kids playing around again.

At the end of the event we were joined by a few of our Dutch business relations consisting of entrepreneurs and architects and fanatically played a game of Tag on the Yalp Memo. We invited this group over to show them the unique projects of Lappset Premium, designed by our Spanish colleague Miguel Carmona. We were all very impressed by the projects during the park visits.


We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. These playgrounds are out of this world! It’s great to see that Madrid values the importance of play areas and invests in them. There are over 2.600 parks in Madrid alone, that’s crazy! – Ben

Jaap: The Lappset Premium projects are very special because they’re a combination of art and play.

They’re characterized by special themes that have subsequently been transformed into highly creative steel constructions with an enormous amount of play value. We wanted to show and experience these projects because they can also be sold in the Netherlands. Crazy out of the box ideas can now be converted into special objects with many play functions.

It was a successful trip in which we’ve also learned a lot about the Spanish culture. The first real Spanish lunch we had was an experience by itself, not to mention dinner in the evening with flamenco dancers and music. On day two, our Spanish partner told us all about the production and design process of these projects, especially the design process. I am very impressed by the designs and quality of these products. Great welding, great stainless steel chutes, beautiful constructions for the nets and seating elements.

With the help of our Spanish partner we can convert almost every idea into something very special and unique! – Jaap

Jaap van Putten Yalp

Ben: My gut tells me that we can establish a beautiful Lappset Premium playground in the Netherlands with the knowledge and inspiration we’ve gathered from this trip.

We also believe Spain can land a spot in our top 5 export countries! Their interest in interactive play is remarkable. The next big event is already around the corner: The finals of the UEFA Champions league, where Yalp is going to present a Sutu wall!

As expected, Yalp is always on the move and it feels great!




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