Yalp Toro Court
11 January 2019, By Yalp

We are all familiar with sports such as soccer and field-hockey and their standard sports fields with a goal placed on each side facing the other. Two teams of eleven players play on a field divided into two separate halves that they have to defend. The goal is to strategically work your way through the defense of the opposing team and score into their goal. That’s how you normally expect a game of soccer or field hockey to take place, but what if I told you we created a completely new variety of play? A game where not just two, but four teams can partake in the same game of soccer or field-hockey and where the goals are interactive targets that talk back.

I present to you: The Yalp Toro court! The first ever interactive multipurpose court created in the world. The Toro court consists of 4 interactive goals and can be installed on every sports field or in any sports arena. It’s vandal-resistant and has a durable robust construction which makes it perfectly suitable for outdoor use. You can easily play in smaller or larger groups and decide if you defend a goal by yourself or in teams.

The cool thing about goals being interactive is that you can score a goal and lights will appear or you will hear cheering sounds, which will motivate people to try and shoot more goals. With the Toro court, an environment is created where people are constantly developing their motor skills and training their cognitive abilities. It’s a great way of increasing people’s fitness because of the high exercise intensity. Playing the ‘Red vs Green’ game on the Toro for example has a higher exercise intensity than playing a game of basketball or regular field-hockey.

The reason why it’s so intense is also because of the setup. In a regular game of soccer or field-hockey you only have to defend and attack from one side, which is easily done and makes defending the goal less of a challenge. With the Toro Court, having a goal on all sides of the field, you have to be alert at all times because you cannot focus on all opponents at the same time which is the challenge of it all.

The Toro court was designed in collaboration with former Dutch ladies’ field hockey coach and author of the book Winners have a plan, losers have an excuse, Mark Lammers. He thinks kids should be challenged through their experiences.

“Kids nowadays are playing with sounds and moving images. We need to challenge them with interactive games, not with two curbs, they think that’s boring.”

Mark also states that kids nowadays are being challenged by computers and video games, but that playing the Toro court is similar to playing a wii, except for the fact you get more exercise with playing the Toro.

I’m up for the challenge, are you?