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Outdoor sports

Are you looking for exciting ideas to offer outdoor sports activities to kids, our Toro court might offer just that. 

You only do outdoor sports when you’re having fun 

We all know that playing outdoor sports is good for you, but it is so much easier to keep it up when it is fun. At HockeyClub Den Bosch, one of our first Toro locations, the court is being used by all ages, preschoolers, children, teenagers, adults and even seniors. Mainly because it is just a lot of fun! Olympic medal winning coach Marc Lammers who developed the Toro with us, particularly likes adding a Toro court to his outdoor practices because he likes to add a fun element and therefore variety and engagement. He even states that variety is an important aspect that could definitely be increased in outdoor sports training in general in the United States. When playing outdoor sports, eventually everybody really likes to play a game and score a lot. Everybody knows the exhilarating feeling of scoring and the Toro court facilitates just that. 

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Outdoor sports toro court

Outdoor sports activities that

  • Are exciting for preschoolers and teenagers 
  • Enhance skills of the general public and elite players 
  • Constantly change 
  • Are also attractive for adults and seniors.

Outdoor sports improves your athletic skills 

But while you are having a great time, you actually develop your athletic skills while playing outdoor sports on the Toro. Marc Lammers would for example have half the team play on the Toro (up to 8 players) to improve their skills and would train different things like passing on the field with the other half of the team. Breaking the team up also means more individual attention per player. The Toro is self-explanatory, so after a brief introduction you do not need to be present as a coach.   

What he also likes about the Toro is the fact that it increases player’s insight. Because of the Toro’s design, it forces players to continuously change direction. Not because the coach tells them to, but because they have to choose their own direction. Because of the four goals and the interactive element due to which targets rotate, they can actually play in all directions. Rotating targets also mean you cannot hide in front of your goal anymore, so players are forced to play more pro-active and offensive. 

Because of its changing activities, the Toro increases game insight, agility, ball control, footwork, dribbling (especially the ‘Indian dribble’), turning, hand-eye coordination but it also enhances players’ split vision (keeping your eye on the ball, but also determining which of the four goals to aim at). 

More specifically, Marc Lammers indicates that the Toro is actually great for children that go to the park to play outdoor sports and might not play that well yet. Playing with four players on the court instead of eight allows them a little bit more space so they can work on their small skills. You can probably do a hundred different outdoor sports drills on the Toro.  

But also for elite players the Toro can add tremendous value. Due to the high intensity, elite players are able to perform many crosses, dribbles, on-the-ball performance actions and goal-oriented movements. Especially for elite soccer and field hockey players, performing many brief intense actions during a game and modifying existing skills is very important. The speed of dribbling and accuracy of execution is something that can be worked on at the Toro court extremely well. 

High Exercise Intensity 

When you are looking to increase intensity in your outdoor sports offerings, the Toro is a great addition to your location. The research statistics below show the intensity of the Yalp Toro in comparison to other sports. MET stands for Metabolic Equivalent, and is the unit of measure within physiology. One MET is equal to a person’s metabolic rate while sitting/resting. While playing the ‘Red versus Green’ game on the Yalp Toro (MET 8.3) you are more active than playing regular field hockey, volleyball or competitive basketball.  

Outdoor sports activities that appeal to everyone 

Do you also want to add an outdoor sports activity that  

  • Is exciting for preschoolers and but also for teenagers; 
  • Is attractive for adults and seniors as they typically do not want to play on a regular size field anymore; 
  • Enhances skills for the general public and even elite sports players; 
  • Can offer a wide variety of activities and games; 
  • Can vary in dimensions and look & feel;  

and above all is a lot of fun? Please ask us about the different Toro court possibilities to make your outdoor sports are truly unique. 


Mrs. Gasthaus - Zoo & Adventurepark Thule

"The Sona Play Arch is well accepted. It requires no supervision or game manual. The children love to listen to the Viking's voice, because he explains which game they are going to play."

Rio del Sol STEAM School, Oxnard, California
Rickey Koga, Second Grade Teacher

"The YALP Memo is a fantastic addition to any playground and brings a new, fresh, and innovative dimension to outdoor playtime. The YALP Memo allows students to learn through unstructured play, which helps them develop communication and negotiation skills between peers." - Rickey Koga, Second Grade Teacher, Rio del Sol STEAM School.

Woodforest, Wallaroo Park
Texas USA

“The Sona Arch in Woodforest has turned out to be one of our most popular parks. We have a large group of home schooled children and I have heard this is one of their weekly lessons for young grade school children. It is a popular evening spot after school and filled on the weekends with all age children. The community loves it and they think it is really neat to have something so high tech for the kids to play on.”

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