19 December 2018, By stagiair

Yalp, a small play set manufacturer, started life in 1980 but was sold to a couple from Goor in 2000. This sale marked the start of the entrepreneurial journey of Ben and Irmgard Admiraal as they had finally acquired their own company. Together with 4 other employees they started small, but quickly grew into the market leading, internationally operating company we know today. Now having over 45 employees that strengthen the Yalp team. The secret to this success is down to the way Yalp operates. Yalp is not just individual employees that each do their own jobs, but a collective of professionals that at are friends at the same time. We also share one main belief. the belief in play. The ‘why’ of our company. The power of our conviction.

But now, after ten years of hitting milestones, milestones and even more milestones, we can now proudly say that we have sold a staggering 500 interactives worldwide. So with that in mind, we would like to thank our Yalp team, our partners and our customers. We hope to continue this journey with you to the next 500!