18 January 2019, By Yalp

There are many playground products to be found on the market, but how appealing are they really? How do you monitor if they are being used well? In this fast moving world we are all spoiled with hi-tech all around us. Children, youngsters and even adults nowadays. Surely small children will play on slides and swings and these products should be available to all children close-by their homes and schools. They are important for their motor skills development and these products are evergreens; no brainers.

How cool is it that we at Yalp merge hi-tech (which enables us to monitor the daily usage of our interactives) with play, sports, gaming and even education to get everybody to play. Our interactives are multi-generational and available for all children, teens, adults, elderly, boys, girls, people with all different abilities you name it. We receive online feedback of every single game, even if it’s not being played that often, which gives us the opportunity to redesign it and turn it into a better and maybe even more popular game.

Last year alone we brought over 250.000 hours of play in the world (measured by our online Yalp interactives) which is an amazing achievement! These are meaningful statistics that get me excited every day. How cool is it to present these numbers globally and share A New Way to Play with the world. I remember that Jos Burgers, a Dutch marketing expert and author, once wrote:

“When someone enters a hardware store, looking for a drill, the man is actually looking for a hole.”

I think it’s a good quote that gets you thinking and actually it’s not far off from what we do at Yalp. Our goal ultimately is not to deliver as many products, but to deliver hours of PLAY. Curious about the current statistics? Check our live interactivity map.

With these hours of play come great benefits. Play is a great outlet for our body. We’re moving and jumping all around and it’s great exercise which we all know is key for our body. It’s vital for so many aspects of our personal development; our mental and physical health etc. Here are 5 guaranteed benefits that come with the hours of play:

1)      Play gets our heart pumping and blood flowing

By increasing the blood circulation you will help your body regulate the cleaning process better from within and nourish your skin cells. Who doesn’t want that healthy, glowing looking skin?

2)      Get a big boost of energy!

Through exercise (and the increased blood circulation) we receive more oxygen and essential nutrients from our body that help our organs function more efficiently and give us the energy boost we need. It keeps you fit and lowers the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

3)      Put your frown upside down

Play is a great and fairly simple way of boosting your confidence and building self-esteem. Because of the exercise you get during play, certain braincells will get stimulated that may be able to reduce stress and make you feel happier and relaxed.

4)      Develop your motor skills

Playing is the easiest way to build your skills. Without knowing you’re targeting multiple sorts of skills such as speed and reflexes, flexibility, movement control, balancing skills and many more.

5)      Get social!

Play is great for developing your social skills as it helps and learns you to compromise and collaborate with others and learns you to respond to them in certain situations.

Knowing we at Yalp contribute to making the world a healthier and better place is great motivation and we’re nowhere near finished with our journey. Help us make the world a better place and support Yalp by sharing our philosophy on Facebook and other social media accounts. Let’s get playing!

Harrie Kerkhof

Export manager / Business Development