Disabilities dance Sona Play Arch
Perhaps the most inclusive and freely accessible play set on the market

The Sona has been installed at almost a dozen special care facilities. This includes revalidation centre ‘Het Roessingh’ in Enschede, The Netherlands. As shown below, it’s a very special play set. Lesser abled and challenged children absolutely love playing under their Yalp Sona. What makes the Sona so special, is that every child can be included in the game play. Kids can play the Yalp Sona together, regardless of any disability or setback. It makes no difference; everyone gets the most out of it.

“The Yalp Sona is accessible for wheelchair users. Its games are simple and suitable for children of all ages and backgrounds.”

Remote controlled monitoring

“Dance battle and Freeze are the most popular Yalp Sona games at ‘het Roessingh.” These games allow the children to dance with, and of course without a wheelchair as well. The Sona administrator can see exactly how long each game is played, and which are played most often. On and off times. volume settings, and more can be changed with ease. This can all be done from a laptop, PC or even mobile phone. Every Yalp Sona comes with a standard 3G wireless connection. “Today ́s data shows that over the course of the past two months, the Sona was played almost 4 hours every day.”

"The Sona is a real succes! One of our pupils usually shows no emotion at all, but when she rides her bike through the Sona, she completely lights up! She moves, sways and smiles. It is a side of her that none of us had ever seen before... amazing, isn't it?"
Christian Bruggeman - OCR ‘t Roessingh, Enschede