IKEA opens brand new concept Öland

IKEA is experimenting with new pilot play concepts in the Zwolle store, Netherlands. This store opened without the ‘Småland’ main play area to trial something new…

Play Area Concept

Ikea wanted to trial something new and introduced a few unsupervised play areas divided over the store as alternative. But after nearly 1,5 year, this concept appears to have failed. Sandra Schouten, store manager at IKEA explains; “The kids loved it very much! But dragging their children away from every play area to continue shopping was very tiring for parents”.

The store received several requests from parents to just have the one centrally located supervised play area. So IKEA changed their play policy and developed a new concept; Öland or ‘Island’. A concept created with the intention to focus more on stimulating creativity and physical activity of children. A kind of Smaland but different. No ball pit, but a slide, crafts corner and a Yalp Sona Play arch in rainbow colours.

The first testers of this new concept were children from a nearby primary school. Their enthusiastic reactions confirmed this new vision for IKEA. The ongoing success is measured through the innovative technologies of the Yalp Sona arch which tracks how often games are being played and for how long. This Yalp Sona is being played 68% of the time when switched on, which is an average of 5 hours and 37 minutes per day!

Success at IKEA worldwide

The Yalp Sona has proven to be of great value to shopping centres. IKEA in Russia has experienced similar success after installing the play arch at three of their locations. The play statistics at these locations are skyrocketing and one has taken first place in ranking of Sona’s worldwide. The Yalp Sona at IKEA Khimi in Moscow is being played over 9 hours a day!