Towns are experiencing an increase in population. Therefore, it’s important to find new and unique ways to make the community to come together. For the past few years, Milton Keynes residents wanted to achieve the aforementioned “coming together”. The residents had chosen us to completely restructure their public playing areas. This was desired in the attempts that better playing areas would encourage people of all ages, ethnicities and social status to come together and live a happier, more active lifestyle with eachother.

Milton Keynes residents were looking for a unique design that would stand out at the front of the boulevard. This was done for two reasons. Firstly, this was done to improve the image of the surroundings. Secondly it was done to encourage the community to enjoy the outdoors more. They were keen to move away from traditional playing equipment, preferring to offer something that would appeal to a wider group as well as embracing latest innovations in technology in play.

Relationships develop between social groups

“The results of this project have provided us with a perfect opportunity to rename the site “Friendship Park”. Milton Keynes represents a wide range of ethnicities and generations within families— By installing the Sona we have brought an area back to life with playing equipment that isn’t exclusively for young children to enjoy. “I love to take a detour home and admire the work that we have achieved as there are always families playing together on the site”. The success of the site has also broken through a lot of language barriers within the community. Residents have also developed relationships through playing. Something people never expected.

Phil Snell, Milton Keynes council: “Relationships develop between social groups through means of play that before wouldn’t have been expected.”