”Distinguishablity is the reason we chose for the Yalp Memo and the Yalp Toro.”

“In the past children would ask us if we could pump up their bike tire or their ball, but nowadays they only ask us for the WiFi code.” Children want to be connected to the internet at all times, but their parents would like ther children to play outside more often. How fun would it be to combine the two. “The Yalp interactives are the best solution for this.” says a representative for holiday park “Krieghuusbelten” in the Netherlands.

Investing is always exciting

The purchase of the interactive playsets was quite the investment and had brought the necessary doubts with it at the start of the precess. “It is pretty much a punt you’re taking. Will the interactives be used? Would the children understand how they work, are they not too difficult to use? These are all factors that jump through your mind.”. To test this Ted from the family holidaypark “Krieghuusbelten” and his children (10 and 12 years of age) visited Yalp’s head office, so that the kids could play with the interactives, without being told how to do so. “It surprised me how fast the children realised what to do and they found this way of playing absolutely amazing. As a result, all doubts about the investment were swept away.”
Innovative and different

“The arrival of the new interactive playsets are a beautiful addition to our holidaypark. the interactives are being used day in, day out. Multiple children are able to play at once, that is a great plus. Parents often watch how their children arer playing, but sometimes even join in the fun, and that is wonderful to see.”