Play court Toro
Designed by Marc Lammers.

The Yalp Toro was designed using input from Marc Lammers whom is a former player and head coach of multiple trophy winning sides. In the past, he led the Spanish women’s national field hockey team from 1999 to 2000 and the Dutch women’s national field hockey team from 2000 to 2008. Under his guidance the Dutch team won the silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece and gold at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. Later he also coached the Belgian men’s national field hockey team until 2014, with whom he reached a European final.

The reason

However, even though hockey is the sport that he loves the most and made him a legend, his son did not think the same way. When his son was seven years old, he refused to come to the hockey club on sunday mornings. When asked why, the answer was simple: “There is nothing to do for me there.”. Lammers goes on to mention: “This is a problem many parents face. Their children don’t want to come to the club because often all the courts are occupied. this leaves them on the side-lines with nothing to do.”
After this incident Lammers was compelled to design something that would keep the children interested and entertained, when all the conventional courts were taken. This is where Yalp stepped in, and together they created the Yalp Toro interactive court.

But why would you want a Toro at your club?

The Toro is perfect for intense (skill) training for the young players. As well as offering a fun and challenging array of games whilst their parents are playing their game. Also, because of the boarding, the ball never goes out of play, therefore the game becomes much more intense and exciting. In addition to the boarding, the games also are a lot more exciting due to the fact of having 4 goals as opposed to the traditional 2.
Many of the Netherlands top hockey clubs have a Toro installed on their premises. For instance, the HC Den Bosch. The HC Den Bosch women’s team is the most successfull Dutch side of the past few years, having won the National Title eleven times on the bounce. They also deliver many of the talented players to the national team.

"The Toro is perfect for intense (skill) training for the young players. As well as offering a fun and challenging array of games"
Marc Lammers - Olympic Gold medal winner (head coach - hockey)