25 July 2019, By Steffanie Hoek

It’s summer! Time to get outside to play. What better way to play outside than on one of our awesome interactive sports and play products. With a wide variety of games and constantly newly added content, our interactives will never get outdated and are never boring. Bust a move under the Sona Play Arch or show off your soccer skills in the Toro Sports Arena. Here’s our Top 5 Games to Play on the Interactives in the Summer!

5) Sea Monster – Sona Play Arch

It’s summertime and you and your friends head to the beach. You decide you want to go explore the mysterious underwater world in your submarine. However, as you enter unknown territory, you’ve awoken the Sea Monster who is now ought to get you. He can’t be seen, but can be heard, so you have to carefully follow the Sona’s instructions to escape him. Can you explore the bottom of the sea without getting caught?

Sea Monster is a fun game with a focus on imaginative play, which promotes children’s decision making and social skills. Imaginary games are often underestimated, but simple role play games teach children practical skills and learn them how to cooperate with others. Besides that, they’re just a lot of fun because you can create your own rules, create your own setting and play with all your friends or by yourself.

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4) Bottle shot – Toro Sports Arena

One of the most popular Dutch outdoor games in the summer has been digitalized. Bottle shot, the game where you have to knock over the water filled bottles of your opponent until they’re empty, is now an actual game on our Toro. Instead of water bottles, you shoot the panels of your opponents, which will then slowly drain energy. If your own panel is hit and you want to stop it from draining, you have to kick it and it will pause. You’re out when your panel is completely out of energy.

The bottle shot game is a high intensity reaction game. Perfect to play in big or smaller groups. Invite all your friends and see who’s up for the Toro Bottle Shot challenge!

Check out the Bottle Shot Game Play Trailer!  

3) Tag – Memo Activity Zone

A true universal playground game that’s been played for centuries, is also available on our Yalp Memo; Tag. However, this time you’re not tagging people, but pillars. Pick a color and let the game begin. Tag as much pillars with your color as you can and battle it out against six other opponents with each their own color. The more pillars you tag, the faster your time runs out. Dodge your opponents and try to tag as many pillars as you can at the same time!

Tag has always been a popular game, because it’s completely independent of age, skill, and gender. It’s a high intensity game where children intuitively pick up physical skills such as agility, coordination and accuracy as well as learn how to focus, strategize and reach. Not to forget the social benefits that come with playing tag. It may be high intensity game play, but it always ends in fun and laughter. Play with your friends or complete strangers and see who can tag the most pillars!

Check out the Tag Game Play Trailer!

2) Sutu Unlimited – Sutu Sports Wall

There are two things your summer needs: An unlimited amount of Sun and an unlimited amount of game play! Unlimited game play? Is that even possible? Well, yes it is! With the Sutu Unlimited game you have to fill the entire wall and you have an unlimited amount of everything! The game has no time limit and plenty of errors can be made. You don’t have to worry about all your progress disappearing if you hit a panel twice. The wall will remain as it is until you have filled it entirely!

The Sutu Unlimited game is great for all ages and abilities and does not come with a set of rules besides filling the wall. The game allows for you to practice your skills at your own pace without feeling the pressure of a timer or losing progress whenever you make an error. Practice your precision or shooting skills or work on your speed and agility. Create your own training routine and invite your friends to join you.

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1) NEW Lucky Shot – Sutu Sports Wall

A first on the Sutu: Moving targets! Lucky Shot is similar to the duck shooting carnival game and is the perfect game to showcase your skills. Shoot as many moving targets as you can within the time limit and set your high score. The bottom row is not being used to make it all about skill, precision and (maybe) luck!

Lucky Shot is a highly addictive game with music that takes you back to the 90’s arcade games. The moving targets create more dynamic game play which makes it challenging for the intermediate and advanced players as well. When you nearly miss a target, you’ll feel that extra motivation to try again. Especially with a timer that keeps on going and knows no mercy. Are you up for the challenge?

Well, you have to wait a little longer! The Lucky Shot Sutu game is not out yet, but will launch soon on August 19th. Many other cool new games are yet to come. If you would like to know when new content is going to be launched, you can check out our Release Calendar in the Yalp store.

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