Headquartered in Goorthe Netherlands with subsidiaries in the USA and Germany, Yalp is a market leader in next generation interactive sports and play equipment. Yalp develops, assembles, and markets high-tech quality products. Active in 26 countries around the globe, Yalp has an ambitious international expansion plan. With our commitment to utilize technological innovation to add value to playwe keep pushing the edge of what’s possible in a rapidly evolving world and operate in a highly competitive industry of play 

Yalp leverages modern technology to drive fun physical activity in areas from sports training to STEM/STEAM education. Yalp innovates new ways to train, learn, play, and interact, creating equipment that is multi-use, multi-ability, and multi-generational.  

The Yalp family is a young vibrant fast moving team that values freedom, drive, responsibility, a can-do attitude and entrepreneurship at all levels of the organization. FUN is part of the core principles.