25 July 2019, By Steffanie Hoek

With the large amount of games available, it can be hard for an interactive owner to pick which games should be enabled on the interactive. You would say it would be easier to just enable all games? However, enabling all games and giving the players too many options, is actually a bad thing. Users aren’t able to find a game they want to play, they will feel overwhelmed by all the rules and not everyone wants to hear Christmas songs during the Summer. The game rotator is a smart solution for our smart interactive playground products. 

Change it weekly, monthly or quarterly

The interactive owners specify on the My Yalp portal how often they want the game rotator to change a single game; weekly, monthly or quarterly. We look at the least played game within that time frame and disable that game. We then randomly select a game and enable this on the product. In this manner a new game is available for the users and the favorite games stay enabled. 

It’s a feature that sounds simple, but because we also deal with interactives that have multiple languages and different sets of enabled games per language, it can be quite tricky. So for products that have multiple languages we make sure we try to make the selection of enabled games the same and then look at the least played game and enable a new game looking across all languages. We’ve also made sure that certain games are ignored by the game rotator. The seasonal games that are enabled for specific holidays should be skipped, because you don’t want the game for Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Independence Day to be turned off on the day or just before that specific day.  

Because the game rotator is optional, it allows interactive users and owners to choose if they want to maintain and control specifically which content is available on the product. or that the users choose by simply playing. It’s one of the great advantages of our interactives, the play statistics don’t only show how much is played on a product, but also allows us to use smart solutions for what type of content is available on the interactive play equipment.  

– Christiaan Ribbens, UX / Game developer