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Yalp Memo | Oxnard, California, USA

Rio del Sol STEAM school

Get your classroom outside with the Yalp Memo!

The Yalp Memo at Rio del Sol STEAM K-8 school has been the most played of all the Memos on a schoolyard worldwide! Play statistics clearly show the weekends as an obvious flatline as the site is not open to the public. Rio focuses on developing the 5Cs of 21st-century learning; collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and caring while enhancing student literacy skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and technology.

Besides being the first school in the U.S. to adopt a Memo, the design itself is unique. The school and architect Gaylaird Christopher from Architects4Education wanted the area to celebrate the Native Americans’ heritage, who’s had a relationship to this particular site for thousands of years. The site lies next to one of the largest natural rivers in SoCal. The custom-designed turf includes the river and traditional Chumash canoes to reflect the ‘right of passage experience’ (when the Chumash peddle out to the Channel Islands). It also contains a compass point and the words: truth and energy. These words are two core values in a diagram that reflect essential beliefs of the Chumash in a three dimensional way.

“The Memo fits great into our mission.”

Yalp Memo - Rio del Sol STEAM school

Yalp Memo - Rio del Sol STEAM school

Yalp Memo - Rio del Sol STEAM school

Yalp Memo - Rio del Sol STEAM school

Making learning more fun

All in all, the Memo is an important element in the school’s overall vision to design outdoor environments to function as classrooms. The school is heavily involved in making future games even better. Tech champs Mr. Romano and Mr. Koga, and the students are currently working with Yalp’s game developer to give feedback on the new Mathematics game.

The Yalp Memo is a fantastic addition to any playground and brings a new, fresh, and innovative dimension to outdoor playtime. The Yalp Memo allows students to learn through unstructured play, which helps them develop communication and negotiation skills between peers. My students love to play the various interactive games on the Yalp Memo because they can learn and have fun while exercising! I would highly recommend the Yalp Memo to any school or organization looking for a creative and dynamic game system that lets children learn via play!

– Rickey Koga, Second Grade Teacher, Rio del Sol STEAM School