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Yalp Memo gives visitors more reason to show up and stay

The Yalp Memo is a new addition to the Yalp interactive product line. It has became an instant hit within the recreation sector. The “Five Hills Swimming Facilities” is no exception. “Acquiring Yalp Memo was a strategic decision, based on need for the facility to distinguish itself from the increasing competition. The Yalp Memo has proven to do exactly that. We’re very happy with our investment,” says supervisor Wim Berendsen. “You have to do something different in order to make sure people show up. Why would they go to you instead of the competition? Yalp Memo has given us an extra USP, and it’s making an absolute difference.”

Yalp Memo is short for memory and movement. It’s been rigorously field-tested and perfected – with special focus on fun, gameplay, and teamwork. It’s as entertaining as any video game, but it’s healthy, socially cohesive, and even educative. “Kids flock to it, and are instantly hooked. They come back again and again.” says Wim.

Vandalism-resistant and all-weather proof

“When running a recreation facility like our swimming pool, you will get your cases of vandalism – and of course a lot of wear and tear. We needed something that would last over the years, and still look and function as well as it did when we just bought it. The Yalp Memo been great. Not only is it extremely rugged – it is fun in all temperatures. I’m sure it’s very difficult to break. It also gets better with time as new games are uploaded continuously.”

The Yalp Memo has a 3G internet connection, which allows Yalp to maintain and service it from a distance. Perhaps even more amazing, is that you can log into your Yalp Memo from your PC or mobile phone. You can change volume-settings, playtimes and more. Unlike with a ‘regular’ playset, you can actually tell how much it’s being played – to the second – and which games are liked best. This way you know exactly how the Yalp Memo is playing into your business development.

“Our Yalp Memo plays a crucial part in setting us apart from the competition.”
Wim Berendsen - 'Vijf heuvels' swimming facility