Sona, Twekkelerveld, Enschede, Shopping centre
Help public area function and achieve its purpose better

The Yalp Sona is installed in the public space on a regular basis. Below we cover the experiences of two different municipalities in The Netherlands: Enschede and Almere. One concerns a Yalp Sona at a shopping centre, while the other a public school placement. As becomes apparent, Sona is a great addition to virtually any public area. It fits a widely ranging target audience, it’s beautiful, and can enhance the commercial and social values of an area.

Shopping centre ‘Twekkelerveld’ in Enschede, recently placed a Yalp Sona. Council member Rixt Wibiër tells us: “When trying to decide on which objects to place in the public realm, it’s important to choose something that fits the purpose of the area best, and that it also fits a large target audience. This is exactly why we ended up choosing the Yalp Sona.”

A positive and surprising addition to any area

Rixt continues: “Although children probably end up playing it the most, the Sona is really suitable for people of all ages. As it’s so new and innovative, everyone wants to experience the Yalp Sona. Once they check it, however, they find it hard to leave. It’s fun to see. Ultimately, they do carry on with their shopping of course. In fact, ever since we played the Yalp Sona, many shopkeepers have seen a slight increase in revenue. This shows me as a council member it’s been a great choice.”

This shopping mall receives a wide variety of customers; teenagers, parents, but also kids and grandparents. It was very difficult to find something suitable for everyone, but the Yalp Sona turned out to be a true hit."
Rixt Wibiër - Council member Enschede