The boardwalk at Gröningen in Helsingborg is filled with music. Many DJ-dreams came true when Swedens first outdoor DJ booth was installed. – It was full of activity from the start, Josett Dahlin, initiator and landscape architect at Helsingborg city, explains. “There have been many musicians here, both youngsters and small children, who lend a mobile from their parents. But also grandparents that only have read or heard about the new DJ trend.”

Global DJ-trend

Josette Dahlin got to see the DJ booth, called Fono, for the first time during an exhibition where Lappset attended. She liked the idea that latches the global DJ trend where performers like Avicii and Swedish House Mafia are shining stars. “Lappset is really good to pick up what children and youths like, they have come up with many innovative solutions and Fono is a good example.”

Success from start

After a dialogue with Lappset, Helsingborg got the possibility to lend a DJ booth over the summer. Josette tells that it was a success right from start and that people in general were very curious. “It’s interesting and fun to see how Fono attracts both young as well as old people.” It didn’t take much to convince higher authority that the city should keep Fono after the loan period had come to an end. ”Everyone had seen how appreciated it was, so it was more like we needed to find arguments why we shouldn’t keep it”, Josette says.

Yalp Fono Magdeburg

In Helsingborg, we chose to place the Fono on the boardwalk right by the sea. It was an optimal spot

Josette Dahlin – Gröningen, Helsingborg, Sweden

Girls take space

In the area there is a basketball ground, outdoor gym and a skate park. It was an optimal spot, Josette says, since many youngsters gather there and it isn’t right in a housing area. “There has been massive played on Fono this summer! Once when I passed, it was so crowded that I could hardly get by. It turned out that it was around 70 girls from a gymnastic association that was in town for a competition and they performed their whole show with music from the Fono”. A positive surprise is that the DJ booth has pulled /attracted many girls. “It’s good with an area where girls dare to take space and do things they like, like dancing for example. Many times you see girls just sitting /hang around the skate park watching boys do their stuff. In this way Fono is a very equal product. I like that!”

Anyone can become a star

Josette points out the importance of finding products that can be used by anyone, regardless physical ability. “For this matter Fono is a brilliant example. Not everyone likes, or even has the abilities, to do training. With a product like Fono anyone can become a star, I really like that.”

"In Helsingborg, we chose to place the Fono on the boardwalk right by the sea. It was an optimal spot"
Josette Dahlin - Gröningen, Helsingborg, Sweden