Fono, Amsterdam, Bijlmer, Yalp
Meeting spot for teenagers

The Bijlmer in Amsterdam is widely known for its urban aesthetic, and it’s tough neighborhoods. The Amsterdam municipality decided to invest back into the area with the Fono outdoor DJ-booth. Just like any other city in the Netherlands, the city district is having a hard time inspiring teenagers to get outdoors and live an active lifestyle. And when they do go outside, it’s even more difficult to ensure they spend their time constructively and in a positive manner – both for themselves and their surroundings. The Yalp Fono is shown to be a great solution towards these issues.

Teenagers already carry mobile phones, listen to music and socialize. The Yalp Fono works with these trends, and thereby allows teens to do something they actually like. The teens acknowledge this and are truly thankful. Yalp Fono allows teenagers to get together in a positive way, and express themselves freely. Not only is it an absolute blast, they get to develop valuable skill sets and enhance their creativity.

“I am impressed the city gave us the Yalp Fono – it makes it feel like they do really care, they did it for us, and took special care to do something extra.

Perfectly complements existing public space

Oscar Hulscher, policy maker for South-East district, states: ‘’The first time I tested the Yalp Fono in the Bijlmerpark, the youth approached me immediately and they all wanted to try it out for themselves. They figured it out much faster than I could, and within a few minutes they created their own little party. It was great to see their smiling faces. They couldn’t believe it was there to stay and for them to enjoy.”

Sports arena’s quickly turn into hangout spots. This ruins it for the people that do want to play a game of football or basketball. It can also lead to a negative image of the neighbourhood. The Yalp Fono fixes this, by giving the every type of group something they like. Now those that just want to hang can do so, while actually making music for those playing sports. It is the missing link between the playground and the sports arena.

“The first time testing the Yalp Fono in the Bijlmerpark, the kids joined in right away. It's been a huge success ever since.”
Oscar Hulscher - policy maker Amsterdam