Even these days, schools are under the impression that daily exercise is a luxury. Some of these school even go as far as getting rid of their physical education program. However, it has been proven that living an active life style improves the efficiency of learning time. When children are actively moving and playing, the brain creates extra cells that accelerate the time a child needs to study something.

Yalp Memo part of education plan at primary school in The Netherlands

The Julianaschool has acknowledged this, and in 2014 the school installed the educative play set Memo as the first primary school world wide. Students will be taught physical education, but in the future also mathematics and languages at the playground. Because of our educational games, physical education can be integrated with other educational subjects such as history and biology. The Quest (part of National Geographic) games can provide custom made content.

School Principal Marco Schaap tells us: “Of course the math games on the Yalp Memo would never replace math lessons, but it’s a fun way the kids can choose to practice math. On the other hand, we bought the Memo for the fun-factor; which it definitely has By giving them Memo, we also incentivise children to lead a more active lifestyle.”

“We’ve known for a while that daily exercise drastically improves study performances. We also know it helps children develop themselves both physically and socially. The Memo is really a perfect fit for our school since the Memo gives plenty of incentive to get kids to move about. It’s designed in such a way that many of its games are not just physical, but also enhance social cohesion. And it even has an educational dimension.”

“We use the Memo as much as possible. Teachers often take the younger classes outside to the Memo for math practice. This way, the lessons are becoming more dynamic, and the material actually sticks better. We’ve also decided to keep the playground freely accessible during the breaks, and after school. It is used a lot.”

“The Memo has an educational approach where children learn the alphabet or solve math sums, therefore it is a great addition to our school.”
Marco Schaap - Principal Julianaschool