Fono, Pleisureworld Award, Yalp
The Yalp Fono won the Pleisureworld award in 2012

Yalp’s outdoor DJ-Booth won the Pleisureworld award in 2012. The price is rewarded to the most innovative product in the recreation sector. The independent jury, under the guidance of Bert van der Stoep – former chairman of the Dutch tourism association – picked Yalp as the winner. Unlike other developers in the recreation sector, it tends to the needs of a neglected
demographic; teenagers.

Hans van Leewen – Director of Pleisureworld: “Yalp has managed to come up with a product that triggers teenagers, but also meets all the requirements for a product in the public realm.” No internet connection required! Yalp Fono picks up and amplifies any sound from mobile phone speakers. You could play, mix an d morph your music using effects. All the while teens are developing a skillset, enhancing their creativity and creating a positive vibe to the given area.

“A well-developed product for an audience that still does not get enough attention..”
Hans van Leeuwen - Jury member Pleisureworld Noviteiten Award