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Europe’s largest playground’s best investment ever!

Europe’s largest playground Linnaeushof, offers over 350 playsets and attractions. In their difficult search for a unique and new playset, Linnaeushof eventually stumbled upon the Yalp Sona. Initially, Linnaeushof felt a little uncertain about the price, and they wondered what the investment would yield. Soon enough, however, these uncertainties turned out to be completely unfounded. As you’ll read below, the park has become extremely enthusiastic about the Sona, and even states it to be their best investment ever!

Cok Milatz, manager at Linnaeushof reveals: ‘’Back in 2009 we visited a playground in Rotterdam, where the Yalp Sona had just gotten installed. Aunt Lenie’, a volunteer there, was critical and revealed that she was a bit sceptical towards the Sona, and that she would have to see how the Sona would prove itself valuable. With ‘Aunt Lenie’s’ impression in mind, we postponed the purchase. But after 6 months, ‘Aunt Lenie’ gave us a call herself, and sounded delighted! She told us the Yalp Sona had turned out to be an enormous success. At their playground, the Sona turned out to be their most used playset. We didn’t know it yet at the time, but our experiences would soon match theirs! At that point, we decided to purchase the Yalp Sona, and we have never looked back.”

Cok continues: “This is all just my opinion as an entrepreneur. But the fact that the Sona has been our best investment yet is based on the following: First, it really catches the eye. This makes everyone real curious about what it could be. Second, the Sona is occupied for almost the entire year here. The statistics confirm this; in the past month the Sona has been used for more than 171 hours – which equals to almost 6 consecutive hours a day! What’s also real great is that the Sono barely needs maintenance, and is built to withstand any possible vandalism. The technical performance of the Sono has proven to be 100% flawless. And last, but not least: New games come out all of the time, which keeps it fresh. This is very important for us, because this means the playvalue remains over time.”

“The Sona has honestly been our best investment yet, and I think every leisure facility should consider buying one.”
Cok Milatz - manager at Linnaeushof