Toro, Landal, Leisure Industry
Jam-packing the best of all sports into one game changing sports field

Novelty is everything for Landal luxury vacation rentals – spreading over 53 acres. Every year, the park sets out to reward and incentivise returning customers. Hence, in 2011 they decided to get the radically innovative Yalp Toro sports field installed.

This fast-paced, multi-purpose sports field with 4 interactive goals was especially developed for those with limited space, yet wanting maximum bang from their buck. Martijn Evers, Fun & Entertainment manager at Landal explains: “We have over 2500 guests and 3000 daily visitors using our tropical swimming pools, mini-golf and bowling alleys. In order to keep them coming back, however, we wanted to offer them something unique; something other parks don’t have. After consulting with Yalp, we ended up going for the Yalp Toro.”

“It gets played a lot; even in winter. It’s February now, and this month’s statistics show almost 7 hours of continuous play – per day!”

The sports field is placed to be an eye-catching feat, near our other sports facilities. The Yalp Toro has hit off very well with the younger guests; especially those between the ages of 8 and 16 years old. Our animations team organises and supervises daily tournaments, which any kid can join. Of course the sports field also gets used a lot when no tournaments are going on. We’re calling these tournaments “SportsPlaza,” by the way. The Yalp Toro gives our guests a novel experience, free of charge.

“Even in winter it gets played a lot. We’re in February now, and this month’s statistics show almost 7 hours of continuous play – per day! That is absolutely amazing. We had our initial doubts about potential vandalism, but it’s extremely rugged. We are very happy with our investment. On the other hand we could have gotten more out of it by placing advertisements on the boarding. Perhaps something we’ll look into at some point. In any case the field is an absolute success.”