Sutu, Yalp, Reeenwissel
A unique selling point for any facility

The Yalp Sutu does extremely well at virtually every type of recreation site. Why? Probably due to its incredibly high fun-value and almost addictive effect on those that play it. Camping Reeenwissel is a Dutch commercial camping site, which placed a Yalp Sutu with custom fencework in 2013. Similar to all Yalp Sutu placements in recreation facilities, it is played almost non-stop during day time. Having a Yalp Sutu really sets the site apart from the competition, and many families with kids find it a reason to choose this camping site over another. Below, you will read the experiences this very happy facility owner has with his interactive football wall.

The Yalp Sutu is a true and tested winner when it comes to playset solutions within the recreation sector. Owner Tjitske Beerendonk explains: “Especially in this industry, average playsets can become outdated very fast. People want something new every year, otherwise they move on. The great thing about the SUTU, is that it is constantly updated with new games and improved gameplay. It stays relevant and novel. People get hooked one year, and come back the next to be positively surprised with entirely new games and interaction!”

“The Sutu gives guests an experience they couldn’t get at home. It’s great for socializing and meeting new people as well.”
Tjitske Beerendonk - Owner Camping Site Reeenwissel