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Connect online with your friends

  • Get personalized highscores using Facebook login
  • Earn badges for special achievements
  • See your friends’ scores
  • Find Yalp Sutu soccer walls nearby your location

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  • See international rankings
  • Check your progress in developing your soccer skills
  • See live how others are playing around the world
  • And much more…
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The new Yalp Sutu Football wall app

Playing your Yalp Sutu interactive will get a whole new dimension!

From now on, you can use the Yalp App (available in the Apple store and on Google Play) to claim your scores at the games on the Yalp Sutu Football wall. Find the nearest Yalp Sutu, Play one of the highscore games and get a score. The score will appear on the Yalp Sutu Football wall, but also in the App on your mobile screen. Just click ‘Claim’ and add your name to it.

This app will be available for all Yalp Sutu Football walls.

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Yalp App
Yalp App