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Sports arena

Do you want to offer something that stands out from the existing multipurpose sport arena? Do you want to be able to offer interactive play in your sports area? Or are you looking to engage kids in an interactive way? Or is soccer growing in popularity in your area and do you want to offer something for the soccer fans? Our Toro sports arena will do just that and more. It is a unique sports arena with a different design and an interactive component.

A smaller sports arena offers several advantages

Regular multipurpose courts typically tend to exist of a standard size rectangular field with a combination of soccer goals, American football goalposts and/ or basketball rings. In doing so they offer great flexibility; however, the court can only be used by one sport simultaneously. The Toro sports arena is interactive and has several dimensions but can vary from roughly 485 to 1,850 square feet (in comparison a high school basketball court is about 4,280 square feet). This means you can:

Extend your sport offer on a similar surface.

Place two or more adjacent Toro play courts so several children can play at the same time which is great when you have multiple groups visiting your location. This prevents the younger ones from waiting in case you have different age groups in your park and multiple birthday parties can play concurrently.

Renovate your tennis court.

Another option would be to install an interactive ball wall Sutu next to the Toro to offer additional sport opportunities. We’ve done many tennis court renovations where we installed a Toro, Sutu and basketball area on the surface of a former tennis court.

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Outdoor sports toro court

Benefits of imaginative play:

  • It stimulates social interaction
  • Encourages kids to explore
  • Good for skill development
  • Encourages kids to be creative 
  • Pretend play
  • It is always fun

A different design also changes the way children play

 A typical sports arena is rectangular. The Toro however is square and has goals on each of its four sides, which means:

  • The game becomes more dynamic
    Children play differently on a smaller court. When the goal is smaller, you shoot at it with more tact. You develop your athletic skills differently. It becomes a more tactical game, so you need to work on your technical skills.
  • It is more fun with 4 goals
    Imagine how exciting it is to defend three different sides instead of just the team playing opposite you. Besides the fun, while playing on the Toro you can also improve your athletic skills.

Combining a unique sports arena layout with modern technology

Naturally, part of the above-mentioned advantages can also be achieved with traditional goals and fencing. However, Yalp offers another exciting element to the mix, the interactive component. Imagine playing a game on the Toro sports arena in which you are defending your red team, meaning the LEDs of your goal are red. It is already way more fun given the fact you have to defend from three different sides, but suddenly two minutes into the game a voice says ‘switch’. When you look behind you, the LEDs of your goal are not red anymore, but have now appeared on the opposite side of the field, forcing you to run to the other side of the field to continue playing for your red team.

Multiple games

Besides this ‘switch’ game there are of course many interactive games you can play on this sport arena with new ones being added to the Yalp Store every year. New games are developed in five different categories namely: fitness, tactics, creativity, teamplay and reaction.

Examples are games in which you have to conquer the sports arena in your color (team red versus team green), hit all the goals of your color the most often within time (while goal colors switch) or survive the longest (when your goal is being hit, the LEDs are being turned off almost like a sand timer).

High entertainment value

Adding the Toro sports arena will engage teens, adults, kids that just want to have fun, but also boys and girls that want to improve their soccer or field hockey skills. Family members can play together, but you can also play a game by yourself. Not only is it addictive to play, but just as importantly it is also very enjoyable to watch. And what is a good sports arena without a crowd?!

Do you want to know more about the Toro sports arena or do you want help integrating a field into an existing playground area, please reach out as we are happy to share our experience.

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Mrs. Gasthaus - Zoo & Adventurepark Thule

"The Sona Play Arch is well accepted. It requires no supervision or game manual. The children love to listen to the Viking's voice, because he explains which game they are going to play."

Rio del Sol STEAM School, Oxnard, California
Rickey Koga, Second Grade Teacher

"The YALP Memo is a fantastic addition to any playground and brings a new, fresh, and innovative dimension to outdoor playtime. The YALP Memo allows students to learn through unstructured play, which helps them develop communication and negotiation skills between peers." - Rickey Koga, Second Grade Teacher, Rio del Sol STEAM School.

Woodforest, Wallaroo Park
Texas USA

“The Sona Arch in Woodforest has turned out to be one of our most popular parks. We have a large group of home schooled children and I have heard this is one of their weekly lessons for young grade school children. It is a popular evening spot after school and filled on the weekends with all age children. The community loves it and they think it is really neat to have something so high tech for the kids to play on.”

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