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How durable is an interactive playset? Are they well made and resistant to vandalism? Outdoor play equipment containing electronics, is that safe? 

These are questions we get asked regularly about our interactive sports and play equipment. However, we keep on thoroughly developing our interactive playsets which allows us to provide answers to all concerns mentioned above. This is a conceptual principle of our designers.

On this page you can find out the measurements our R&D team has taken per interactive device.

All interactives…

  • Are installed in a water and dustproof IP54 housing
  • Contain anti-theft fasteners
  • Work on (safe) low voltage
  • Are EN1176 certified
  • Contain sound effects recorded in a professional recording studio
  • Are suitable for all types of games

Did you know?

We created a Quality Test video. We’re constantly testing out the performance and quality of our products so that we can confirm our claims to be true! Our products are weatherproof, resistant to vandalism and are great additions to any playground / facility.


SONA Specs

  • The caps are made of fiber-reinforced polyester and other additional strengthening materials against e.g. hammer blows.
  • The interior is made of stainless steel.
  • The metal is protected with a powder coating. This is what makes it weatherproof.
  • It is not possible to climb into the Yalp Sona.
  • Inclusive barrier-free design.

FUN FACTS: The Yalp Sona is the first interactive playset (the first one was placed in 2007). The shape of the Sona was inspired by a gate in the Lord of the Rings and weighs 500 kg (as heavy as 6 grown men).

  • The panels of the Yalp Sutu have survived multiple tests. They have been successfully tested for e.g.impact resistance (1,000 by 50 kg) and temperature difference (-35 ° C to + 85 ° C).
  • The panels are made of polycarbonate (impact-resistant material).
  • It is not possible to climb on the Yalp Sutu. The back is covered with steel resistant to vandalism.
  • Made of special elastic steel to withstand the impact of sports balls.

FUN FACTS: The Yalp Sutu has a built-in speed measurement radar (similar to a radar speed gun used by police to measure the speed of cars). Sutu is the surinamese word for shoot.

  • High-quality stainless steel construction.
  • The caps of the posts are quite thick so they protect the posts from damage by e.g. sharp objects.
  • The touchscreens are made of polycarbonate (impact-resistant material).
  • The polycarbonate casing is waterproof and has an internal climate control system that allows the posts to be cooled or heated when needed.
  • The main post contains an intelligent lock as an additional safeguard against vandalism.

FUN FACTS: Yalp Memo was developed in collaboration with the University of Lapland, has 5367 LEDs and 500,000 computational tasks.

  • The goals consist of self-compacting concrete with a high-quality surface.
  • The panels are made of polycarbonate (impact-resistant material). 
  • The field is made of powder coated galvanized steel.
  • The electronics are certified according to international requirements: CB Scheme.

FUN FACT: The Yalp Toro was developed in collaboration with former Dutch Women’s field hockey coach Marc Lammers and is suitable for soccer, field hockey and ice hockey.

  • Like the Yalp Toro, the Yalp Fono consists of self-compacting concrete with a high-quality surface.
  • Consists of high-quality stainless steel for the best protection outdoors.
  • Secured with special anti-theft fasteners (also used in prisons).
  • The speakers are suitable for outdoor use and are additionally secured.
  • The Yalp Fono has survived multiple resistance tests to e.g. sand, chewing gum, water, Red Bull, cola, frost and heat!

FUN FACTS:  The Yalp Fono weighs as much as a car (1500 Kg) It amplifies music played on your cell phone with a magnetic coil (an old technique that was previously used in guitar amplifiers).

Want to know more about the design principles of our product & game developers? Check out the blog!

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Warranty, Service & Support

Our promise is to make sure that our customers are able to enjoy our Yalp interactives worry-free for many years to come. With over 700+ products installed around the globe the past 11 years and heading to have over 1.000 installations in 2020, we know the importance of good quality AND also we know it will last. Therefore we are confident to show it in our service and in our warranty terms. Our products are monitored and serviced 24/7 by our service department. On top of that our warranty covers 10 years to the main construction and 5 years to electronics.

Yalp product warranty details, limitations and exclusions

  • 10 year warranty to the main construction and 5 year warranty to electronics
  • Product activation, to receive important software updates
  • SIM card and data subscription included
  • Personal login to access the My.Yalp tool and Game Store (Read ‘Online My.Yalp platform’ tab)
  • Access to valuable user statistics in My.Yalp dashboard
  • Support and online training by Yalp

We’re ready to help!

If you have any service or warranty related questions, please contact our service team at

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Our facts

The interactive playground equipment requires little power; about as much as a light bulb. All you need is a simple power connection. We now also offer a green solution for your own energy supply: Yalp Solar. Specially designed and created for our interactive playground equipment only!

Annually, the button is pressed on around 400,000 times on average. In 2018, there was an average of 200 times per hours played. In total 125,120 hours were played, which is more than 25 million button presses. In 2018, only 2 buttons were replaced worldwide.

In 2018, there were 146 installed Yalp Sutu’s which is a total of 2,336 panels. Of the mentioned number of panels, only 13 panels were replaced. That’s just 0.5%! For an average lifetime of 15 years, this means 1.2 panels.

THE COMPUTER (so-called “YIN”)
The life of a YIN 2018: 1 YIN irreversible defect = 1/700 = 0.14% must be replaced annually.

Total play hours in 2018: 566,045
Total of tickets: 369 (excl. Fono)
Per ticket: (566.045/369 =) 1533.993 play hours

The maintenance interval* of a product is approximately 1500 hours. *At the end of this interval, a help desk ticket will be created.

98% of customers are satisfied with the processing of these tickets.

“Replacement parts are always delivered quickly and the people from Yalp are incredibly helpful on the phone.”

“Great as always, thank you.”

“Excellent pro-active service.”

What do customers say about Yalp in general? Check their feedback here.

Yalp customer feedback

The online MyYalp tool

The Yalp interactives can be easily controlled using the MyYalp tool. Due to a 3G internet connection, you are able to change settings remotely by using any kind of device with internet connection (mobile phone, tablet or computer). Your personal login also gives you access to advanced user statistics which can be monitored live.


Service & Activation Subscription

Every interactive comes with a subscription. With three subscriptions to choose from, there is bundle for all needs. This annual subscription provides the product with all the extra cool features, such as:

    Internet connectivity (3G) and data usage to provide instant service, analytics, remote access to monitor and control your settings, the latest firmware updates and many other benefits.
    Each of the interactives come with a starter bundle with our highest rated games and music packs to guarantee a great and complete out of the box experience.
    Visit the Yalp Game Store to view all available games and music packs and to use your credits to add and install new content with a few simple clicks!
    Receive annual credits with your (PRO & ULTIMATE) subscription* and buy new games, credits and content with ease. Yalp Credits allow us to offer fun promotions, rewards and a lot of cool freebies!
    In the Yalp Game Store you are able to browse through existing, new games and music packs.
    Each customer will receive a MyYalp account login to change settings, look at statistics or report issues. MyYalp and the Yalp Store merge is scheduled for 2019.

* Prices may vary throughout the year, check the Yalp Game Store for promotions and updated pricing.

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