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As an international producer and distributor of play equipment, Yalp is very much aware of its societal influence. Accordingly, Yalp attempts to function as an institution within society, whereby our involvement is expressed – among other ways – by giving tangible support to many charitable causes, and by supporting local sports clubs. With doing so, Yalp attempts to positively contribute to the local economy. This is not just done in terms of financial support, but also by getting its people involved and lending a helping hand where possible.

Charitable Causes and Social Giving

Over the years, Yalp has realised numerous playgrounds at organisations which need it most, but did not have the resources themselves. This was done with employee volunteers. When this gets accomplished, the receiving party sometimes feels overwhelmed; as they expected a swing, but got an entire playground. Meanwhile, these projects help remind us how many people in our society are willing to help others while expecting nothing in return.

The “Heppie” Foundation

Yalp has a special relationship with the “Heppie” Foundation. This foundation helps children that don’t have it all that easy. Children where you would perhaps not immediately notice something awry, but might be going through very tough times nonetheless. These could be children no longer being able to live with their parents, or a disorder which makes playing with other kids very difficult. These could also be children with severely ill parents, or financial issues at home, so that they hardly leave the house.

The Join4Energy Foundation

Almost two hundred cyclists participate in the Mont Ventoux Challenge in France every year. The aim of this tour is to collect funds for the Join4Energy foundation; a foundation which concerns itself with funding research on metabolism-related illnesses. Yalp sent its employees to contribute in 2012 and 2013.

The Yalp team was able to collect over €23.000 in 2012, and €41.384 in 2013. All of this went to Join4Energy.

3fm Serious Request

Serious Request is a nation wide radio-based charity campagne in The Netherlands. In 2012, this campaign brought in over €12.000.000. Yalp employees were extactic, and brought in €10.099 themselves.

Yalp placed its interactive football wall Sutu in Enschede for 3 consecutive days. For €1, people could play two Sutu games. People could also auction for a playground at the Serious Request Auction. A playground association brought out a € 7.503 bid towards this charity. Our installation team placed the playground completely free of charge, and in their own time at the auction winning location.

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