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The environment is considered and held in highest regard, within all Yalp business processes. Preventing unnecessary energy consumption, reducing waste and the use of sustainable materials are aspects which receive our fullest and continuous attention.
Energy and Emissions

Yalp considers the environment with all of of its daily activities. As such, Yalp aims to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions as much as possible.

Yalp has been using green energy since 2012. Even if not reducing energy consumption, the CO2 emissions are still reduced by 96,7%. Of course we have also reduced our energy use in order to futher mitigate our environmental impact. And before we forgot, we pay up to 16% less as well by now using wind power!

Yalp continues to work on further reducing its CO2 footprint.

With our newly built office, our heat-retention system has been installed in 2008. This results in much reduced heating costs. A heat-retention system can lead to an 85% efficiency improvement in energy consumption!

Yalp finds it very important that people drive environmentally friendly cars. When acquiring new cars, Yalp always looks at their energy label and a low fuel consumption rate. Yalp also owns a compressor which measures the tire pressure of all of its company cars and trucks. By ensuring optimal tire pressure, fuel consumption and emissions can be further reduced between 5 and 10 %.

The Yalp Fono outdoor DJ-Booth can be fully solar powered. Yalp is currently looking into the possibilities of applying solar energy to all of the other interactive play sets as well.

Waste management

The wastes created by creating and installing Yalp products are recycled. This way various metals, packaging materials and wood can be re-used.

Environmentally friendly printing

Contributing to an improved environment also applies to the use and production of printed materials. Yalp continously reduces the amount of paper and printed materials used, in order to alleviate environmental impacts. This is why all of the Yalp catalogs and brochures can be found online.

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