2 September 2016, By Yalp

Yesterday we received a fantastic video from the Twentse Zorgcentra, about the Paralympics we have organized with Aveleijn, Twentse Zorgcentra, the JP van den Bent and Goal foundation. Time flies when you’re having fun! Not only the clients, but also the staff of the healthcare institutions really enjoyed themselves during this special day. According to Paul Gelen, director of the Goal foundation, even aldermen Pieter van Zwanenburg had a blast as referee with Ben Admiraal.

It was amazing to see how boundaries were pushed. A blind man who wanted to climb the obstacle course and succeeded, wanted to go another time. The attempts to beat the high score on the Sutu, our interactive football wall. The fantastic dance moves to win the dance battle underneath the Sona arch. The fanaticism to tap the memo posts and claim the high score with the game called tag. It was so beautiful. Presumably they were exhausted afterwards. Maybe some of them have had a mild headache from all the commotion, excitement and the sun, but they will definitely not forget this incredible day soon and neither do we.

The video was shared immediately by proud employees of Yalp. As Marc van den Burg wrote: Working together with your colleagues to create such a wonderful day for this particular target group feels very good and is so much FUN!

These Paralympics with people that have disabilities gives me new energy and insight to continue with what we stand for at Yalp. Give everyone the opportunity to have fun and creating special moments with an for all. These moments make our job more fun, exiting and challenging. So that’s exactly what we continue to do, until next year Paul!

Ben Admiraal