Yalp Sona – Play Arch in Germany Kindlbrück

In Kindelbrück on the playground by the city wall, we have had a Yalp Sona in use for more than half a year.

Because the Sona is available online and Yalp will be providing us with new credits every year, we have been able to actively try out new games with children and parents over the past months. It’s so easy to use, we download the games from My Yalp and can quickly test the games out in the field. If we find out that a game is not as popular after discussing it with parents, we can return it within seven days free of charge.

Another significant benefit is that we can do everything online. Therefore we don’t physically have to go to the Sona. Everything is done automatically online via My Yalp. Of course, we ask the kids what they think is the best game to play, but we can also check the game statistics in My Yalp.

Because of the times we are currently living in, Yalp offered to program the essential corona rules on our Sona. As soon as a game starts, the children immediately hear the most critical corona rules. It’s great that it can do that!

The most important thing is that children can play outside in a modern way! The children are already very enthusiastic.

Written by: Mr. Garthof – Finance manager at the administrative community Landgemeinde Kindelbrück – Germany

The most important thing is that children can play outside in a modern way!

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