Over the years, Yalp has realised numerous playgrounds at organisations which need it most, but did not have the resources themselves. This was done with employee volunteers. When this gets accomplished, the receiving party sometimes feels overwhelmed; as they expected a swing, but got an entire playground. Meanwhile, these projects help remind us how many people in our society are willing to help others while expecting nothing in return.


Children you would think from the outside look perfectly fine, may be going through tough times. For example, they may not be able to live with their parents, have a parent that is severely ill, addicted or financially unstable or they may have been neglected and abused and had to flee or get evicted from their home.

Yalp has a special relationship with the “Heppie” Foundation. The “Heppie” foundation supports these children the best way they can. They give them a voice so they won’t be forgotten and are committed to improving their situation “now and tomorrow.”


Nearly 200 cyclists participate in the Mont Ventoux Challenge in France every year. The aim of this tour is to collect funds for the Join4Energy foundation; a foundation which concerns itself with funding research on metabolism-related illnesses. We sent some of our employees to participate in 2012 and 2013.

Our team was able to collect over €20k in 2012 and over €4ok in 2013, which we all donated to the foundation.


Serious Request is a nation wide radio-based charity campagne in The Netherlands. In 2012, this campaign brought in over €12.000.000. Yalp employees were extactic, and brought in €10.099 themselves.

We placed our Yalp Sutu interactive ball wall in downtown Enschede for 3 consecutive days. For €1, people could play two Sutu games. People could also auction for a playground at the Serious Request Auction. A playground association brought out a € 7.503 bid for this charity. Our assembly team built the playground completely free of charge (and on their day off) at the winning location.


In collaboration with the “Goal Foundation”, we organized the GOALympics for people with a mental disability and the elderly at the ice rink in Enschede. It was an event full of fun activities such as a Curling quiz and performances by an incredible figure skater and marching band. After that, we all went ice skating ourselves and it was amazing to see that a wheelchair wasn’t stopping people from getting on the ice. We’re incredibly thankful for all the people that made this event possible.

The Goal foundation scores for & with people. They organize recreational activities for people with a disability and the elderly that need that extra bit of care. They ensure that these people can (continue to) score themselves. They aim to keep these events accessible to people with a need for care by establishing local social connections between care institutions and companies.


In May 2019 there was nothing but an idea. On September 21st 2019 (just 4 months later) we built a playground: in 1 day!

In the beginning of May, the cooperation between Yalp, Odbs Europa, the muncipality of Enschede, Krajicek Foundation and the playground association Boswinkel was started. The aim was to create a unique sports and play area for both the children of the Europe elementary school as all residents of the Boswinkel neighborhood, so they can meet, play and exercise together.

Thanks to all the help of various sponsors, subcontractors and all volunteers, this project was more than successful and together we have realized a fantastic sports and play area for all ages and abilities!

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