When the assembling of a playset’s finished, we separate all waste products so we can recycle optimally! This way we can reuse certain metal parts and dispose of leftover wooden parts in accordance with the National Waste Management Plan of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

Did you know…

All waste products generated during assembling our playground equipment are collected separately? Wooden, plastic and metal parts are separated individually in order to optimally make use of all the possibilities of recycling.


We try to relieve nature as best as we can. The Memo Wood and Arc Sport Toro boarding for example are made of wood coming from sustainable forest management. The elements are manifactured in such way that there is as little environmental impact as possible.

Did you know…

All wooden playset elements come from 100% sustainable forest management? Yalp has both the FSC®-COC & PEFC-COC certificate.


Contributing to the environment goes beyond the use of materials in playground equipment. At Yalp we try to continuously reduce the amount of printed matter to relieve the environment. That’s why we offer all of our catalogs online for example.

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We realize the printing with local printers that take the environment into account in the production process as much as possible? Think of printing on environmentally friendly paper and minimal energy consumption during production to keep the environmental impact low.


At Yalp we continue to work on further reducing our CO2 footprint. Our office has a heat-retention system which results in low heating costs. A heat-retention system can lead to an 85% efficiency improvement in energy consumption!

Did you know…

We also find it very important that people drive environmentally friendly cars? When acquiring new cars, we always looks at energy labels and a low fuel consumption rate. We own a compressor we can measure the tire pressure of all of our company cars and trucks with. By ensuring optimal tire pressure, fuel consumption and emissions, they can be further reduced by 5-10 %.

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