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Fitness areas for adults and seniors

Fitness areas for adults and seniors

Exercise has a positive influence on physical and mental health. Being outdoors does people good, and a proper exercise environment stimulates people to train regularly, relaxed, and with pleasure!

Yalp’s interactive sports solutions are precisely what you’ve been looking for! β€”scarce outdoor space, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and meeting in a public area. By adding Yalp Interactive playground equipment, you create an innovative sports area where adults and seniors can workout solo or in a team. Our products also have a small footprint with a large capacity!

Adults outdoor fitness area

Yalp Interactive play- and sports equipment are built to endure all types of weather, making them great outdoor fitness equipment for adults!

Positive aspects:

  • Barrier-free play floor – fully accessible for all
  • You motivate all ages and abilities to play together
  • Reconnect and socialize
  • Opponents around the world
  • Suitable for several sports like (ice)hockey and football
  • Not a single player stands still

Find out how others have integrated Yalp Interactive play- and sports equipment into adults’ outdoor fitness area.

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Senior Playground

Countless elderly have limited mobility due to their age, as well as physical and psychological impairments. However, it is often the case that there is still a lot to be gained with an appropriate workout. Exercise ensures that seniors do not lose muscle mass and actively contributes to a good rhythm. Our interactive playsets are often a perfect addition to the healthcare institutes and are also available in indoor areas.

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Yalp Interactive play- and sports equipment

Yalp Interactive playsets are not only inclusive and intuitive but also designed for people of all ages and abilities. We provide a solution for communities, healthcare facilities, and businesses looking to offer an outdoor or even indoor solution to adults and seniors looking for a fitness destination.Β 

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