Yalp Sutu Soccer Wall Application – Privacy Policy

This information regards the way Yalp handles your information in the Yalp Sutu Soccer Wall App (in short: Yalp App). We will always handle your information with care, with respect to your privacy.

Questions or comments about this privacy policy may be submitted by contacting us through the following website: https://www.yalp.com/contact
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The Netherlands

1. Information we collect

The Yalp App collects the following information from you if you choose to give permission.
We will only use this information for Yalp purposes, and will not provide this information for third parties.

1.1 Geo tracking
The Yalp App tracks your GPS location, only if you have given permission to do so. The Yalp App does not track your position in the background.
For the Yalp App functionalities to work the location information is necessary. This information is used to measure if you are close enough to a Yalp Sutu Soccer Wall in order to be able to register scores. It is also used to show you where you can find a Yalp Sutu Soccer Wall near your position.
You are able to disallow geo tracking by disabling “Location services” on your device at any time.
1.2 Facebook. Public profile, e-mail and friends (optional)
The Yalp App allows you to sign in using your Facebook account. When doing so, your Facebook account will ask your permission to share certain information with the Yalp App.
We use this information to personalise your scores, for you to be able to keep track of your progress, and make the overall experience more enjoyable.
The specific information we use:
• Public Profile. We collect your public profile information like name, last name, profile picture and gender. We use your name and last name to use to make your scores personal. We use your gender to make gender based ranking lists and competitions in the future.
• E-mail (optional). We collect your e-mail to be able to contact you with new updates and information concerning the Yalp App and Yalp Sutu Soccer Wall product. If you do not wish to be contacted through e-mail you can disallow Yalp to do so at any given moment.
• Friends (optional). You can provide us with your friends list from Facebook. We use this information to show you which friends also use the Yalp App, to be able to play together and compare each others’ scores. We will not use this information to contact your friends to use the Yalp App. We will only show these friends in the Yalp App if they also have downloaded the Yalp App and given permission to do so.
It is not necessary to login with Facebook for the Yalp App to work. You can use a ‘Guest login’ to be able to use the Yalp App anonymously.

2. How we use your information

2.1 In the Yalp App
Yalp primarily uses the information we collect to make the Yalp App more personal, for example by using your name in highscore lists and showing your play history.
2.2. Concerning the Yalp App and Yalp Sutu Soccer Wall
Yalp may use the information of ranking lists and scores for marketing purposes or to inform the public about the competitions that are ongoing. For example: Yalp may post in the media who is the best player, or what is the score list of a Yalp Soccer Sutu Wall competition. In highscore lists your name, last name and profile picture are used.
2.2 Third parties
Yalp will not provide third parties with your information outside the Yalp App. Only highscore information will be public available: your first and last name connected to a score in ranking lists. Your e-mail information will not be provided to third parties.

2. Privacy policy information

3.1 Changes to this privacy policy
When Yalp makes changes to this privacy policy, the updated privacy policy will be posted on this page. Regarding significant changes, we will provide a prominent notice on the page.
We advice you to check this page often, referring to the date of the last modification listed at the bottom.
3.2 Disclaimer
While Yalp works hard to protect your personal information, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be absolutely secure, and Yalp cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit. Transmitting personal information is done at your own risk.

Date last modification: May 5th, 2017